Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Yalda Night

Yalda night belongs to anybody who loves it and celebrates it. Where ever you are, what ever nationality you are entitled to HAPPY YALDA NIGHT. All who lives in northern hemisphere  have a long, deep and sweet sleep tonight.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Lonely Ape

In Iran about 50-60 years ago (I'm not sure) it was more common to see a big family all lived together. The houses were usually big enough to accommodate several families including dad and mom and their sons with their families, their daughters with their husband and children. Every couple had their own bedroom but share the kitchen, hall and the rest of the house with others. Of course there was more friction and argues but I bet they felt less lonely than us in modern society.

As time passed we asked for more privacy we wanted to be more and more independent. Noways barely any couples live with their parents or in-laws in the same zip code let alone a house. It has it's advantages, less friction is one of them and of course more privacy but don't we feel more lonely? We humans are social creatures , we need to be in close relation with other, we need to live in a group. That's why cities formed.

In small town that everybody knows each other, people walk in street and say hello and smile more often. The bakery probably knows you, the lady working in a coffeehouse knows you. But why in big cities saying hello in street is so weird and unwelcome?

We pass each other on a street and pretend we are alone, by avoiding eye contact and making our self busy with a cellphone. We share small space in elevator or bus stops with several others but we act like nobody exist. We engage our self with different piece of technology or bury our head in a newspaper reading the boring articles like this is a literature masterpiece why? just to say "I'm too busy to notice you are standing right next to me? or I am too busy playing on my cellphone to have a nice friendly chat with you?"

Isn't that weird? This is in our blood! we are social creatures! The modern human acting against it's nature. Technology doesn't help at all if you ask me, just increases this gap between us everyday. If we used to go to somebody house to say hello, first telephone make it easier to call ( voice contact rather than physical contact ) and then e-mail makes it even easier :virtual contact. I'm not saying today nobody goes to his/her friends house or call but the trend worries me!

The pic from here.