Friday, September 17, 2010

Field Experience and Extras ;)

Today I am off but I have to work this weekend. I was working last Saturday too. We were drilling a borehole on one of the main street in Toronto city. When you are working on a road here, you have to be accompanied with traffic guys and a police officer for safety issue. I love this part, making aquintence with different poeple. In general drilling one borehole on a road means a team of drillers, engineers, trafiic guys and a police officer working together.
Some people pass with curiosity in their eyes, looking at the giant drilling rig with admiration or amazement. Some even come close and ask questions about what is going on. One time there were 3 lovely kids about 6-year old I think, with their mom. They were so amazed by the all thing that finally their mom ask me to explain for them what was going on. They were actually asked me serious questions for a 6-year old. Some people just pass totally indifferent like the giant rig which make lots of noises doesn't even exist.
There was one time that heavy rain started and finally after I got soaked to my skin I remember that I have umbrella. I brought my giant golf umbrella (no I don't play golf) and 3 of us including one of the drillers, a funny traffic guy and me sheltered under. There were quit gentleman and hold the umbrella. Right on that moment I was thinking I would never imagine standing under a giant umbrella soaked to the skin and chatting with a toothless traffic guy in orange uniform about my life story.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Man mucham

When I was a kid there was this phrase that we used a lot "Man mucham" which was a childish slang for "I am out of the game for few minutes". Basically we used this phrase during a play when we needed to use a bathroom or we needed to tighten the loose shoe lace, or any kind of excuses. Back then no matter how hot the game was, no matter if we were at the peak of the serious game while someone said "man mucham" everybody give him/her a break.
These days I wish I could use this phrase in my real, grown up world. Hey everybody I know we are dealing with serious contract deadline, I know everyday is gold and we have no time to loose. I know we are talking about big big money but you know what "man mucham". I need to come out of this play, go home and hug my mom so tight , I need to go home and drown myself in my dad's arm. I miss my sisters, my brother, my niece, my home. I miss being their child.
I miss you guys, I really miss have no idea