Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thoughts for Tonight

I watched Lincoln movie tonight. I loved it. More than anything I love the fact the movie tried to show him as a man and his vision he had rather than a series of events happened at his time.
The directors didn't dedicate the movie to North and South war but tried to show what kind of man Abraham Lincoln was as a dad as a husband and as a person.

I liked it that his terror isn't shown in the movie it just shows his frail body in bed after the shooting drawn in his own blood.

I am surprised and amused that:

1- Lincoln was a Republican. Honestly I thought democrats were pioneers in banishing the slavery. I a shocked that 150 years ago they were so much resisting the idea. I always considered liberals and democrats as those who are open to change, are more flexible,are kind of more open minded in general. And on the other hand Republicans and Conservative look narrow minded, less flexible and backward to me. At least this is what they project by their acts. It's quit interesting how far each party came in 150 years. I think I shouldn't mix Abraham Lincoln with today's Republicans or Democrats.

2- How much USA changed from his time. Those people that were disgusted by the idea of having colored people equal before the law now have a black President who is a democrat. The very party who was so much against considering his ancestors equal before the law.

3-How much Gun technology changed but the laws haven't yet.


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Live As Much As Noah

My eyes are closed, I am listening, only listening.
Aren't we blessed with arts. Who made this, how?!!
how many hours, how many days, I need to listen to all my favorite songs
How many lives I shall live
This isn't fair. I don't have enough time to finish listening, watching, reading what I want to.
How many lives I shall live to read your thoughts, to feel your pain, or to hear your laugh, through your songs or within your words.

"We shall live another life after this one, since we spend this one wondering"
From Saadi Shirazi
ای گنج نوشدارو
بر خستگان گذر کن
مرهم بدست و
ما را مجروح میگذاری
عمری دگر بباید
بعد از وفات ما را
کاین عمر طی نمودیم
اندر امیدواری