Tuesday, February 20, 2007


These days some weird stuff are going on in my country. Because of this damn nuclear power, U.S threaten Iran that if they don’t stop their nuclear program U.S will attack Iran.

I don’t care about nuclear power … what I am worry about is my family, friends and country mate. I don’t know how long we Iranian are supposed to go ups and down, when we are going to settle down and have peaceful life.

Very quickly after 1970 revolution in Iran, the war between Iran and Iraq started. It took 8 years, many many young people were killed or detained during those horrible 8 years. We still suffer from those hideous memories of the war!

I wish Iran was a place everyone dreams to live in; I wish there weren’t any restrictions on my country mate.

Some time I think if people could see further than their nose then they could understand how funny they are when taking every thing so serious and killed each other for absolutely nothing.

We human beings don’t change at all, if thousands years ago our ancestors killed each other to save their territories with stone now at 21st century a civilized human being fight with more developed equipment for the same reason.

Are we really better than animals ? Is this planet really small for all of us to live in happily?

Get Stuck At Home

Last night we had a strong blizzard with more than 30 cm snow, and 100 km/h gust. Huge amount of the snow was gathered behind the entrance door of my house, so I couldn't open it. Buses and taxis don’t work, and the university is closed.

I got stuck at home. Imagine my friends and I were up to surprise one of our friend tonight for his birthday and now every where is closed, we all have to stay at home today.

There is famous saying here in St. John’s, “if you don’t like the weather wait for 5 minutes” I waited all day, but it doesn’t work.

I am still waiting to see some changes in weather condition…

One Day Ski Trip to Clarenville

Last Saturday (Feb 17th) I went to ski trip to Clarenville, 2 hours drive from St John’s, with a group of students. It was my first time so I took some lessens, first and then started my first experience from the lowest hill. I found the ski equipment so heavy although the size and length of the ski shoes was based on my weight and height.

I fell down 10 times until reach to the bottom of the hill. It was all fun only one thing that really annoyed me was, unhooking my ski shoes each time, standing up and hooking them again which took me 5 minutes. It was really hard for me to keep myself stable; I was like a little kid trying her first step.

I really enjoyed watching 3-4 years old kids skiing, it was so cute.

I started skiing 10:00 am and finished at 4:00 pm which is too much for the first experience. Exhausted at the end, I arrived home 8:00 pm and had a deep sleep.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Where do you wish to be right now??

This coming Monday (February 17th) I have my committee meeting. I need to present what I have done up to now and what I am going to do next. I am so tired, all this week I was busy with making slides and analyzing the results, etc but it hasn’t finished yet. I have to work all weekend.

Whenever I am under pressure, my mind flies to different places that I wish to be on that time and most of the time these places are some kind of intact nature like the photo I attached.
I want to be there right now! Ok go back to work.