Sunday, July 17, 2011


گفتمش نقاش را نقشی‌ بکش از زندگی‌    با قلم نقش حبابی بر لب دریا کشید
Translation: I asked him what life is. With his brush he painted a bubble by the sea
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Pigeons Can remember Your Face

" From  Toronto Star, July 11, 2011, Lesley Ciarula Taylor :
Pigeons remember the faces of the people who are nasty and who are nice, according to a French study.

City pigeons remember who’s nasty and who feeds them, a French study finds.

Experiments in a Parisian park revealed that pigeons would ignore a patch of food around a person who had routinely harassed them in favour of dwindling seeds near a friendly feeder.

The study tried to confuse the pigeons by having the feeders swap their long, bright coats or by moving around the male and female feeders.

The pigeons weren’t fooled. After a few days, they remembered which one had been the hostile, arm-waving feeder and snubbed his or her food.

“Several studies have shown that pigeons are capable of remarkable feats of memory and discrimination of photographs of humans,” study co-author Ahmed Belguermi told the Star."

P.S.1 So now if it happens to you that a pigeon crap on you, think back in time see if you ever be unkind to them :)
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Self Observatory :)

I found myself on the edge these days. Little things can upset me easily that couldn't before. I think the combination of selling our house, buying another, thinking about career goals, missing my family and waiting for their visa to come pushed me to the edge.
This morning I went to a site. I was suppose to be there and waiting for another colleague who was coming from another office to join me. He came and the two of us went to the site. The construction was started already and we had to be fast to catch up. The site was located in downtown Toronto at the busiest part of it. It's a mad house. The client we were working for provided us with a parking space by closing part of the main road. It's not easy to park in there. I always find my ways and even if I can't park in the designated spot I go and park in a nearest public parking around. We started working, when my colleagues cell started ringing and because he was busy working I end up talking to a guy who supposedly was sent to the site to be trained. No body told me or my colleague about him coming. He was late too. He told me he can't park his car and ask me to go and guide him. I never met him before so I asked him what car he had! where he was exactly!
Anyway I left at the middle of the operation and ended up waiting for him for 10 minutes and he wasn't where he said he was. I didn't have his number. I didn't know his name. I didn't know how he look like. But he knew my face apparently. I gave up and I came back to the site. after half an hour the guy called back very annoyed.
"Hiva I am still waiting for you" He said.
"I came to the intersection and looked for your car, I couldn't see it" I said frustrated by this interruption.
"I was supposed to  come to the site, I was supposed to be trained. My supervisor keep calling me if I am in the site or not" He said in such way like I am responsible for that.
"Ok I am coming back again, I have a red shirt and..." I said
"How long does it take" He asked.
"Couple of minutes" I replied.
I went back to the intersection and saw a man waving for me. I guessed it should be him. I showed him the designated parking spot and told him how to get in there so I can move the cones and let him in. He asked me to come with him and showed him exactly how to get to the intersection like I am a freaking GPS. Anyway I didn't want to argue so I walked with him to his car and after 20 minutes driving in downtown I told him to forget about the designated spot and just park in a public place and charge the expense. Long story short by the time we came back to the site it was about 45 minutes.
I was really angry with the fact that nobody told me he is coming. That he wasn't on time. that he didn't use his brain to simply park his car somewhere and join us rather than wasting 1 hour of my time to find him the parking spot. When we went back to the site I told my colleague from the other office who knew this guy that: "Why he didn't park his car himself. Why I had to go and show him, I am not a babysitter"
I was listening to myself. It just didn't sound like me. Right then I knew I needed to rest. I came back home couple of hours earlier and start writing this post.
I just need to calm down. Taking a shower will help.