Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fruits of Life - Part II

When I was 15. back in high school I had a very nice geometry  teacher. In my class we were only 19 students. He told us once "Kids I am telling you, the best friendship for a lifetime are happening during these years, behind these desks. Look at me now, after all these years being grown up and all that, still when I feel blue I go to a bank where my old friend from high school works there.

I had the same classmate from pre-high school (3 years) to the end of high school (4 years). 7 years from age of 11 to 18 gave me a chance to develop strong bounds with some of my classmates. I don't know how but still at the age of 32 when I see my classmates I became that kid again. Nadia is one those pre-high school/high school friends that we keep in touch. Last time I saw her it was after my wedding (5 years ago). She couldn't make it to my wedding and came to see me after. I always loved her for her pure kind heart as big as Pacific ocean.

She lost her mom 6 years ago in an accident couple of days after her younger sister's wedding. Another sister of her was in a car and seriously injured. Nadia was really strong getting over her loss and helping her dad to put the family together. She did her best to help out her sister to recover from her serious injuries. I always loved her for being so generous.

I am really bad with phone calls, one of my big flaws I guess. I sent her emails once in a while but the internet inside Iran is always slow and shaky. She couldn't always check her e-mails or reply me back. Couple of weeks ago I finally called her up on her cell.She recognized my voice after a hi.

"Hiva, is that you? How are you doing girl? what's new? have a baby yet?" Nadia said excited.
"No baby yet" I replied.
"Idiot what are you waiting for?" She said.
"How about you Nadi, any boyfriend yet?" I asked.
"No boyfriend yet" She replied.
"Idiot what are you waiting for?" I said.
"I missed you so much." "I missed you too."

And just like that we continued talking. After almost 3 years that we haven't talk, after almost 5 years that we haven't seen each other, when we talked it was like never this gap existed. It was like we have been together just yesterday. This is a kind of bound that I like.  The trust in our friendship with Nadia. After all these years still at the age of 32 I know I can pick up the phone. Call her up and just talk about my day. Nadia is one of the sweetest fruit of my book life.