Friday, May 24, 2013

Magic Beans

I had several bags of herbs seed which was hiding in our cold room for two years.  I wanted to plant some herbs like basil, mint, parsley, etc. Finally I made a move, went to Home Depot and bout a nice size Cedar box, couple of organic soil suitable for vegetable gardening and a layer of weed stopper fabric. 
I thought what are the chances that these seeds grow after waiting to be planted for almost two years. I pour the seeds generously inside the soil thinking that not many of them will show up. But my o my I was wrong. Only a week after planting these precious seeds look at them. I plant different kind and I have no clue what is what. The boxes had no label and now I am waiting to be surprised. Who knows maybe one of them turnout to be a magic bean. 

I remember I had dark green circular seeds which I placed them at the right side of the box and now you can see the results. At this stage I can't tell what are they :D. I have to ask an expert 
There are two other types of herbs coming out of the soil. They are not very visible in this photo you need to look hard. These little seeds putting a soil a side and reaching for a sun.  I love this.  I feel I have little babies to take care of. 

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Fidgeting in Bed

It's Sunday night again and I won't be able to sleep at 10: pm. During weekdays I get use to this routine of 10 to 6 but it only takes me two nights to come out of this habit.

Weather was gorgoues this weekend here in Toronto and you can imagine that everybody was out. There is a beautiful park in Toronto called High Park. The main feature of the park is cherry trees that Japan gave them to the park as a gift. This weekend the trees were in full blossoms.
Two sides of a curvy narrow roads covered with branches bended toward the road and covered with white magnificent cherry blossoms. Of course there were so many people all jumping up and down the trees, you dont want to miss the scenery which only comes few days a year.

We were walking down the road from top of the hill toward the pond with blossoms everywhere. The whole thing was surreal. We took few pictures with minimum 10 strangers in each photo with us smiling to their own camera :)

Anyway winter is gone and Torontonian are finally getting some sun. I try to go to sleep now :)

Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Ring Bearer

Here in Ontario as an engineer you are eligible to receive an Iron ring. You must wear the ring on your little finger of your working hand depends on if you are left or right handed. Today I received my ring and Nima as a ring bearer present it to me. The ceremony was private and I am not supposed to talk about it. No photography or recording were allowed. It was not anything special but still I am going to respect their privacy.

The ceremony was in downtown Toronto. By the time it finished the traffic was at its peak so we decided to stay in a cafe and enjoy the evening. I love it that downtown is so alive. Before the ceremony I arrived in down town at 3:00 pm, there were many people my age sitting on a patio. I was thinking to myself " don't you guys have a job? Are you all winner of a lottery or on social welfare? " how come I can't be sitting in a patio in downtown at 3:00pm?

Anyway we sited in Hard Rock Cafe with a view to Dundas Square which is the heart of downtown. Our waiter found us a perfect table right next to the window close to the patio door. The music was perfect, Freddie Mercury and David Bowie were singing together both very Young. Only a glass of Sangria made me tipsy with a empty stomach. After dinner we decided to walk in Eton Center one of Toronto's giant mall thus the tipsy phase cool off a little bit.

Sun, people, beautiful spring colors on dresses behind boutique's window, music, sangria and a ring of iron to constantly remind me of my responsibility all made it a perfect Thursday.