Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What happened to poor sweet creatures?

I got shocked by the news about the mass Dolphins suicide at southern Iranian port. You can read the full texts here.
No one knows what happened to them. During the last month it seems this is the second time that the group of dolphins suicide; the group of around 70 dolphins, my god!!!
According to the news there is no sign of food poisoning or water pollution but almost all of them had bleeding through their nose and mouth which is odd.
It seems local people tried to return the poor creatures back to water but they came back again. I really like to understand what happened to them.
It was always a question in my mind that why once in a while a group of whale came to land to die. If they knew they are dieing anyway and they prefer to be in land? If they confused by the change of earth magnetic field direction? If they prefer to die with their leader who is ill and comes to land to die? Are they aware what they are doing or it is just based on their instinct?
This is really one of the most tragic events of the nature.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Tonight our graduate club on campus, is going to have costume party because of Halloween. With some of my friends we will attend the party. It’s always nice to watch the people in different costumes and dresses.I wrote about the Halloween in my blog last year that means I missed the anniversary of my blog which was in September but late is better than never.
I am happy to started writing again and I am so glad that my blog become 1 year old. Cheers…

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just for one day

I was thinking what would happen if all of us decide to be the kindest of our life only for one day. Imagine just for one day I ban myself from telling any lies. I ban myself from giving anyone, even my enemies, a hard time. Just for one day.

I hope we human beings could make it, all together set a day, call it ‘Just For One Day’ and promise to be the best of our lives just for that day.

Just for one day, soldiers don’t fight, just for one day thieves don’t steal. Only for 12 hours bosses don’t get angry and don’t fire anyone. Just for one day, terrorists don’t strike. Only for 12 hours people don’t hate anyone, even the most evil person. Only for 12 hours couples don’t break up. Just for one day, people don’t betray, don’t break anyone’s heart. Don’t try to get your opponent down. Don’t cheat, only for one day. Don’t hate someone who doesn’t think like you. Don’t wish him dead if he doesn't have the same beliefs as you do. Don’t want the worst for him if he doesn’t practice a religioun like you do. Just for one day, accept that people could believe in different things but still can be loved. Just for one day, racists stop considering themsevles better than others. Just for one day, stop judging each other based on religion, color, accent, wealth, birthplace, the way they dress, if they practice this or that, if they wear veil or bikinis.

For one day and only one day, everyone loves. Every one shows respects to each other. Just for one day, smile and mean that smile. For one day, let your enemies rest. For one day, wish the best for all people. For one day, wish that no one dies from hunger. For one day, be generous to the poor. For one day, forgive those who break your heart. For one day, forget about anything that makes you hate and think positively. For one day, rebel against yourself; for one day and only one day.

Can we really do that? All together promise and keep out word to be different for only 12 hours? Imagine a day, that everyone all around the world wears the most beautiful smile they have ever had.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Who really needs cesarean?

I always thought one of the most painful things that nature imposed on women is giving birth. Now days in Iran most of the women don’t give birth naturally and they do cesarean.
For me it was very interesting to see here in Canada almost all women give birth naturally and doctors encourage women to do so. The idea is, women will suffer from extraordinary pain at the moment of birth but after that they will have relief and no pain and they can back to work very soon. But if they do cesarean it will take more time for women to come back to normal life.
I used to think it is not really fair for women to take such a pain until last night that I read about this poor creature sawfish. The most eye-catching feature of the sawfish is their saw-like snout which allows sawfish to detect movement and even heartbeats of buried prey in the ocean floor. The saw is sharp enough to injure the prey.
The point is that, the poor female sawfish give live birth to pups that all have little saw. The pups’ semi-hardened snout is covered with a sheath to help mother suffer ‘less’ during birth. The sheath eventually falls off when the pups come out. Now imagine the mother has around eight pups each time if one or two of these kids let the sheath go what would happen to poor mom.
I read that all species of sawfish are considered endangered or critically endangered and I don’t blame poor females if they stop giving birth naturally. Just kidding :))

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Smart Con Men of the History

I received an e-mail about this guy, Victor Lustig, who did one of the biggest frauds of the history. He sold the Eiffel tower. He introduced himself as the deputy director-general of the Ministry of Posts and Telegraphs and invited six scrap metal dealers to a confidential meeting at one of the most prestigious old Paris hotels.
Lustig told the group that the upkeep on the Eiffel Tower was so outrageous that the city could not maintain it any longer, and wanted to sell it for scrap. Lustig took the men to the tower in a rented limousine for an inspection tour. It gave Lustig the opportunity to find the most naïve dealer. He finally sold the tower and the poor buyer was arrested few days later when he tried to scrap the tower. The irony is Lustig came back to Paris few years later and tried to sell the tower again.
Another person who really impressed me was Frank Abagnale, who used to forge cheques and deeds. He made faked identities for himself several times. First he masqueraded as a pilot to get free rides around the world. It took the police two years until they discover this. Then he pretended to be a Physician. He employed at a hospital as a temporary supervisor. He did not find the job difficult because the supervisor does not do any actual medical work. He lived with this identity for 11 months. Can you believe this guy!!
Guess what, after being physician he introduced himself as a Harvard law graduate and got a job at the office of the state attorney general of Louisiana. He resigned after 8 months since one of his co-worker who was a real Harvard graduate suspected him. After that he forged a Columbia University degree and taught sociology at Brigham Young University for a semester working as a teaching assistant. He finally arrested by the police and in 1974, after only serving less than five years, the United States federal government released him on condition that he would help the federal authorities against fraud and scam artists—without pay. There is a movie based on his adventurous life "Catch me if you can". Must be interesting movie!
These guys are con men, undoubtedly but I can’t help thinking they are also genius. :)))

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


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Yesterday (Oct. 8th) was Nima’s birthday we celebrated his BD together. I baked a chocolate cake and decorated it with whipped cream and strawberry two of my favorite things.
It was delicious.
With two of our friends we went to Kitchener for oktoberfest. The Oktoberfest is known as the Largest People's Fair in the World. The idea of the festival is simple and nice. It is all about families gathering and having a couple of beer with foods and music. A lot of people were there with their children; dancing and drinking.
I put a picture of the festival and also a picture of the chocolate cake.