Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What happened to poor sweet creatures?

I got shocked by the news about the mass Dolphins suicide at southern Iranian port. You can read the full texts here.
No one knows what happened to them. During the last month it seems this is the second time that the group of dolphins suicide; the group of around 70 dolphins, my god!!!
According to the news there is no sign of food poisoning or water pollution but almost all of them had bleeding through their nose and mouth which is odd.
It seems local people tried to return the poor creatures back to water but they came back again. I really like to understand what happened to them.
It was always a question in my mind that why once in a while a group of whale came to land to die. If they knew they are dieing anyway and they prefer to be in land? If they confused by the change of earth magnetic field direction? If they prefer to die with their leader who is ill and comes to land to die? Are they aware what they are doing or it is just based on their instinct?
This is really one of the most tragic events of the nature.

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The typical reason that they present every single time!...sigh