Thursday, October 18, 2007

Who really needs cesarean?

I always thought one of the most painful things that nature imposed on women is giving birth. Now days in Iran most of the women don’t give birth naturally and they do cesarean.
For me it was very interesting to see here in Canada almost all women give birth naturally and doctors encourage women to do so. The idea is, women will suffer from extraordinary pain at the moment of birth but after that they will have relief and no pain and they can back to work very soon. But if they do cesarean it will take more time for women to come back to normal life.
I used to think it is not really fair for women to take such a pain until last night that I read about this poor creature sawfish. The most eye-catching feature of the sawfish is their saw-like snout which allows sawfish to detect movement and even heartbeats of buried prey in the ocean floor. The saw is sharp enough to injure the prey.
The point is that, the poor female sawfish give live birth to pups that all have little saw. The pups’ semi-hardened snout is covered with a sheath to help mother suffer ‘less’ during birth. The sheath eventually falls off when the pups come out. Now imagine the mother has around eight pups each time if one or two of these kids let the sheath go what would happen to poor mom.
I read that all species of sawfish are considered endangered or critically endangered and I don’t blame poor females if they stop giving birth naturally. Just kidding :))


Abadany dar Holland said...

Au!!!!!! That must hurt! I am happy to be human, although laying eggs must be easier than giving birth to sometimes fat human babies...

BEHI said...

...Now imagine the mother has around eight pups each time if one or two of these kids let the sheath go...
So in that case, it would be like punishing their mothers for delivering them into this crazy world ;).

Very interesting post!

40tike said...

:) :)
I think giving birth is difficult. Here, in Finland they encourage women to deliver naturally and in really difficult cases they do cesarean. 5 of my friends gave birth and not even one cesarean!

Frieda said...

What an interesting little information...I didn’t not know.

But regarding cesarean birth, the rate also has gone up in the Unites States. Many doctors encourage that, especially if your first one is cesarean baby!