Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I am shocked. Everyday there is a new bad news related to Iran and it is getting even worse. I am worried about my people. The nice Iranian who haven't had a single day of peace for the last 30 something years.
I am worried. But it's not going to help my people.
I read in a news about "The attack on the British Embassy in Tehran". THIS IS A SHOW. These are not ordinary Iranian people. These are BASIJI, a paramilitary militia who get order from Islamic Regime. Who unleashed them this time???
They don't represent Iranian not even close. But we don't represent ourselves either. Iranian came to street 33 years ago wishing for freedom and ended up with Islamic regime. Iranian came to street two years ago with their heart broken of lies and frauds, screamed for freedom again. Several civilian imprisoned or killed, the president called people " angry hooligans" who can't face the election loss.

Sanctions one after another make people's life miserable. Those who can immigrate they don't hesitate and those who stuck in there are doomed to bear all these sanctions either from the regime or from international forces.
The irony is many of those who are part of the Islamic regime in Iran come and find shelter here in Canada or other countries. Many of them are here in Toronto, buying luxurious houses. This is disgusting. This is unfair. But who makes things fare. Not someone from the sky it has to be ordinary people like me, like you, If we feel things are not justice.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mailman finally came to our door. Brought me my offer letter. I am changing my job, I am taking a new path in my career. I am simply happy. I was smiling all day for no reason. I know no where is perfect but I am certain it was just on time to leave my current work. It was doing no good to my career anymore, just waste of time and talent. I am ready to step in a new path. Wish me luck.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Farewell Debbie

My colleage has been killed in a car accident last saturday. Today in the office when her close freind called and gave us a news we were all shocked. ""Debbie had a car accident she couldn't make it". Another colleague of mine said. I was in a lab playing with some rock cores.
The irnoy is always and always in response to " goodbye Debbie"  she would say "Drive Safe".
I miss her. She was a sweet sweet girl. A single mom. What would happen to her son?
rest in piece Deb. I miss you.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How happy are you at work? What kind of reasons give you stresses? Deadlines? Jerk manager? Jerk co-workers? Load work? Work security?
If you own a business and responsible to hire people how would you hire? what would be your criteria?
If I open my business one day, for me the most important things is have a descent environment. I believe someone who is working overtime but has a healthy mentality is much more efficient than someone who struggles with stress. I think mental exhaustion is much worse than physical. You can take care of your physical tiredness by sleeping for few hours but you can't get rid of your stresses that easy.
Good quality work needs good healthy mind. So my main focus will be on hiring nice descent people rather than anything else. You can always train the person with positive attitude but no matter how hard you try a jerk is a jerk. It doesn't matter that the jerk work performance is good or bad I believe the amount of damage that person can impose on other colleagues do more harm than good.
 If one day I opened my own bussiness ..If...

Open or Close

What kind of office environment do you prefer? open or closed?
Open concept means 2 to three and in my case 6 people share a space at work. You have your own desk but no walls. In closed concept you either have your own room (which is barely a case for most of staff) or you have your own cubicle.
In our office the open concept dose not work for me. Where I sit there are few people who really mistake the office with the coffee shop. All day long you can hear giggling, chit chatting, non-stop. Some days they talk (specially one of them) in a way that you think if they stop talking they might die.  I was talking with another colleague of mine who was upset with this open concept too. He told me the way these poeple act you and I looked like an anti-social creatures, by Sitting on our chair, facing toward screen and working for 8 hours a day.
If we are working in an open concept environment  we should/we must respect each other. Instead of chit chatting all day long or taking care of our personal businesses on the phone, we should keep it quite for those who bother working.
I told about these things to my husband and he was shocked. He told me in their office people barely talk together about non-related work stuff.
Our previouse manager once send these gang an e-mail and warned them about their behaviour but then he leftt. Now we have new manager. But considering when he is around they keep it down. I don't know how long it would take for him to find out what is going on.
I know myself. If I am so annoyed by the level of unprofessional behaviour of some of my colleages it can't be only me. Sometimes I decide to speak up but then I am telling to myself wait for the good news.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

My parents went back. Nima and I started our routine which for now is watching one episode of Downton Abbey every night thanks to my lovely sister in-law who introduced the series.
I am waiting for a news. waitting makes time passes very slowly. Come on mailman bring my letter :). I can't wait ...