Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I am shocked. Everyday there is a new bad news related to Iran and it is getting even worse. I am worried about my people. The nice Iranian who haven't had a single day of peace for the last 30 something years.
I am worried. But it's not going to help my people.
I read in a news about "The attack on the British Embassy in Tehran". THIS IS A SHOW. These are not ordinary Iranian people. These are BASIJI, a paramilitary militia who get order from Islamic Regime. Who unleashed them this time???
They don't represent Iranian not even close. But we don't represent ourselves either. Iranian came to street 33 years ago wishing for freedom and ended up with Islamic regime. Iranian came to street two years ago with their heart broken of lies and frauds, screamed for freedom again. Several civilian imprisoned or killed, the president called people " angry hooligans" who can't face the election loss.

Sanctions one after another make people's life miserable. Those who can immigrate they don't hesitate and those who stuck in there are doomed to bear all these sanctions either from the regime or from international forces.
The irony is many of those who are part of the Islamic regime in Iran come and find shelter here in Canada or other countries. Many of them are here in Toronto, buying luxurious houses. This is disgusting. This is unfair. But who makes things fare. Not someone from the sky it has to be ordinary people like me, like you, If we feel things are not justice.


Sorrow said...

You wonder " Will it ever stop? "
mans inhumanity to man? Mans lust for power greed control?
I would like to believe that some day these things can happen..
We shall continue to do the little things to make this a reality, if not for me to enjoy then for some child 100 years from now..

Hiva said...

I will try. I want to see the world is fair. I am sick of hearing that's life, life is not fair. WELL IT SHOULD BE. I am going to be fair toward people around me. I do my best and I know there are people who think like us..World will be a better place..I am hopeful

Georg said...

Bonjour Hiva,

The present set of people governing Iran has been chosen and installed about 40 years ago, by your parents or grand-parents, age-wise. That should not be forgotten.

The people of that time choose a religious fanatic as their leader, they cooked the soup and now it has to be spooned out.

So if the people of Iran, the country with such a great past, wish real change, first get rid of this backward-gazing religion, the basis of it all. If religion is nothing more than a very private hobby then change will be possible. Not before.

Hope you won't mind reading this.



Hiva said...

Hi George,

I know. Iran is a big country and is a combination of many different group of people. European countries are much smaller and it's easier to have a uniform nation. Look into Iranian history there has been so much occupations, Iranian are a mixture of Turks, Kurdish, Arabs, Mongols, etc..It takes time and a lot of efforts to reach to a goal that truly majority of the average people think a like and wishes democracy..

radius said...

Hi Hiva, I discovered your blog through a couple of others with a focus on Iran. If you don't mind, we might exchange links or feeds. You can find me here or there

In this post "WHO UNLEASHED YOU GUYS THIS TIME???" I am sure you wanted to say "... a single day of peace...", rather than "... a single day of piece.." (in the second line of the post). I guess its a typo.

Btw, what does "Book of life, chapter 3" refers to ?

best regards

Hiva said...

Hi Michael

Thanks for your comment.
About the name of the blog read here:

Cheers, Hiva