Monday, April 29, 2013

My Inner Jane Austin

What's with girls and Jane Austin's male characters. A proud handsome powerful gentleman who fells passionately in love with a girl but he is never needy. Who does not want that package :)

I remember the first time I became familiar with Mr Darcy phenomena, it was 10 years ago. Roja and I stayed at Behi's place for a weekend while Mr behi was out of town. It was midnight when my cousin put Pride and Prejudice BBC tv series into the player. I could barely keep my eyes open till I saw Mr Darcy and next thing you know it was 5 AM :D. At the end of the movie Behi said " you know girls Darcy's eyes are identical to Mr Behi's" :D:D:D

I recently host a Jane Austin marathon. With few of my female friends we watched 5 hours of Pride and Prejudice straight. Like a harmonic orchestra we sighed every time Darcy showed up ( I am giggling right now).

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another Life Lesson

I had an interesting evening today. I talked, explained and listened to my friend just to realize how simple two minds can see things from totally different angle. It is not always easy to put yourself in someone else shoes and be fair. It is fairly easy for me to accept my mistakes and apologiz. Today I felt bad when I was reminded of my mistakes, I felt bad when I realized how much I hurt someone. At the same time I was frustrated when my explanation was not quite being heard. This is not an easy talk when two people trying to open up about their conflicts. You need an open mind, you need fairness. But I take a big lesson... When a conflict with a friend happens and you can't talk about it with him/her keep it to yourself. Try not to involve others. Try not to share your story with others. Because as time passes this only makes it more complicated. People may even add more to your story or say it to the wrong people at the wrong time and deepen the wound. Give it time, which will bring wisdom and perspective.