Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weather Bomb at St. John's

Yesterday (25 Jan), I was working in my office when a friend of mine came and warned me about the snow storm, called weather bomb. I never heard of anything like weather bomb before. It was a fast moving storm with significant snow accumulation.

When I returned home the storm was beginning, but it was not that bad until I decided to go to grocery store near my house, Dominion. I was completely covered in gloves, snow boot, hat, scarf and certainly snow jacket. I started walking toward Dominion but just after few minutes I found my self at the middle of a large amount of snow blowing in every direction, I could barely keep open my eyes since the snow particles could enter into them.

I started laughing at that time, it was all fun. The good thing was that the temperature wasn’t very low (around -3) so I didn’t feel freezing. Finally when I got there, my pants were absolutely soaked. Thanks to the cab I didn’t come back on foot; enough fun for one day.

Check this link, you will find some photos from St. John’s snow, which can give you an idea of what I am exactly talking about!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I recently came back from my long holiday (about one month) in Iran. I got married there, which was so exiting for me. I really didn’t realized how the time passed. It was so hard to say goodbye to my family and my close friends but life is life.

My husband and I came back together to Toronto where he lives, and after two days we said goodbye and I returned to St. John’s.

We have to be far from each other until I finish my study here and I can join him. Sometimes I find this so hard but it is a kind of experience. Because of this distance, we are always occupied with how to see each other, when, where and how long.

We joke that one day we can write a book about long distance relationships. Anyway, a new year has started and I have lots of things to do: Submitting my proposal, doing teaching assistantship,…

Holiday is over; wake up!!