Thursday, January 11, 2007


I recently came back from my long holiday (about one month) in Iran. I got married there, which was so exiting for me. I really didn’t realized how the time passed. It was so hard to say goodbye to my family and my close friends but life is life.

My husband and I came back together to Toronto where he lives, and after two days we said goodbye and I returned to St. John’s.

We have to be far from each other until I finish my study here and I can join him. Sometimes I find this so hard but it is a kind of experience. Because of this distance, we are always occupied with how to see each other, when, where and how long.

We joke that one day we can write a book about long distance relationships. Anyway, a new year has started and I have lots of things to do: Submitting my proposal, doing teaching assistantship,…

Holiday is over; wake up!!

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Arash Sharifi said...

Welcome to the club! Being far from all people who you love,trying hard to achieve your goals, being a minority and struggling to proof your self to the others. It is tough and seems Iranians are good at taking such pressures, but what I really want to know is why we have to go through all this? Just because we are Iranian or there is something else that I am not aware of.
Hope you will join your husband soon. Thanks for visiting my blog.