Monday, October 27, 2008

Slow Me Down

I saw Emmy Rossum, in The Phantom of the Opera first. She was just 16 years old and sang like an angle. I heard she is more intended toward pop music although she is great in opera.
A friend of mine sent me this link. The video is one of her pop songs called “Slow Me Down”. I do like the song, and her angle voice.
Read the lyrics from here

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Most Artistic Suitor

I read a book, named "Extreme Nature, The weirdest animals and plants on the planet". For those who have passions for animals, this book is quite interesting. It's about the strangest and out of ordinary behavior of animals and plants in the nature, we ever known. You can read about African termites which are the best architect in the wild, or golden dart frog which is the most poisonous animal than can kill a human by even touching its skin.

One of the most fascinating piece of information, in this book is about a bird called, brown gardener or Voglekop bowerbird.
The male brown gardener creates unique piece of art to attract females. The male uses available materials around him to make colorful bower. In fact the more impressive the size and colorfulness of his bower, the more females will allow him to mate with them.

The picture above shows an example of this bird's artistic taste. The male even use cans and plastic bag to make his piece of art more sophisticated. Isn't that pretty?

I like to know how a female Volgelkop evaluate a male works!

If a male gather more and more cololr will he be the winner? or how he decorates the objects and match this color with that, is important? I like to know how much that female bird is picky? :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

When Old Charm Let You Go

The most precious feeling that one can have is to feel you are creating somethings new, just like God.

I remember my conversation with a friend of mine. We were sat just next to each other waiting for the Engineering Math final term exam to be started. I had a feeling that she can understand what I am saying, and I was right. I don't know why at that moment we had this conversation.
I told her I want to be somebody, and by somebody I don't mean be famous at all. I want to live my life just like everyone else but with awareness. I don't want live my life blindly and just do the same things like others without knowing why. Go to school because everyone else does, got married because everyone else does, have kids because, Believe in this or that...

I want to know my options and know why I am choosing this or that. at the end maybe my life seems just like others but at least I know what I am doing, I don't just follow the society blindly. There is nothing wrong with following the society trend but I don't want my whole life in a package imposed on me.

It's like large companies get stronger and swallow small, individual shops; for example, Star bucks , Tim Horton ,etc get stronger and tiny cozy coffee houses disappear gradually. you come to yourself and everyone buy coffee from a single large company; But I love to see tiny cozy shops around that each has their own character and taste.

This is exactly what I don't want happen to us living in society growing larger and larger. I don't want a society swallow my individuality. Makes us more and more identical. Imagine in 2050 all people shop from the same store; go to the same place for vacation, have the same hobbies.

I always think there is something, called an "Old Charm" which surrounds us , keeps our foot on the ground makes us earthy. This charm makes us stop asking unanswered questions and instead helps us enjoy our everyday life : Go do some shopping; enjoy juicy gossip with a bunch of friends; be worry about your dress for tonight party, thinking about where to go for vacation, etc..

On some of us the charm works pretty well, it just never let us free even for a second. But for some of us this "old charm" gives us a break. That's a moment that you suddenly wake up from a deep sleep. All your unanswered questions come back! What I am doing here? is this what I always wanted to do? ... after asking all those unanswered questions again and again with no clue, your mind gets tired and that's when "Old Charm" come back and leashed you.

To be honest this charm has not worked very well on me lately, it keeps giving me a break and bunch of old unanswered questions storm back to my mind. There is one thing I keep telling to myself, no matter what the answer of those questions are, there is one thing for sure,

"you have a great life; enjoy every second of it, leashed or unleashed"

Thursday, October 02, 2008

A little bit of everytings :)

These past few days in Calgary were quite an experience for me. I attended a conference there. The weather was just perfect , sunny and warm. Nima and I had a chance to visit Banf and lake Louise, which was fantastic. One of the "MUST HAVE SEEN" places in Canada.

in conference, I had a chance to meet new people working on the same issue as I do.
Before I present my paper I was a bit nervous that how would that be in front of all those experts, But when I started talking, I was really calm.

Anyway, here I am again, in my room behind my desk :)


Tomorrow is Nima's birthday. All day I was waiting for a parcel, and finally before Nima came back home, I received that. It's under the bed now ;)

Nima was saying he will be 400 months old tomorrow , isn't it interesting to count your life span in month or day unit. Well I 'll be 10,000 days old this coming March. wow big number !!!


Let's finish this post with something totally irrelevant, Today I found several small flies in a kitchen, I started killing them, I was thinking, if the flies were able to scream or if we were able to hear them , was that easy for me to still kill them without hesitation?