Monday, December 29, 2008

The missing piece - True story :)

Today is our anniversary. It has been two years that Nima and I got married. I am simply happy. I love my life, I love my husband. Thank you God if you are out there and listening. Thank you...
Nima came to my life almost three and half years ago and easily fitted in. It was just like a missing piece of my life. We easily connected without any attempt , without pushing anythings. We met, we started dating and after one year and half we got married.
When Nima asked me out , I was about to come to St. John's (in Newfoundland) and Nima was in Vancouver. I was very concerned, it sounded impossible to manage such long distance relationship. I shared my concern with him and what he replied convinced me to go on and I did. Nima told me: "if I know, there is a chance that I finally find my right person, but that girl is living on moon, I would never forgive myself if I don't even try; if I don't give myself a chance to see how can I reach her"
We started our relationship while I was studying in St. John's and he was in Vancouver, seems impossible?? but it wasn't. We video chatted almost every night and used any opportunity to visit each other. In less than a year Nima found a job in Toronto which increased the frequency of our visits and finally I moved to Toronto and continue my study from long distance (I became kind of expert in that kind of situation ;) )
Now that I look back, despite all these difficulities of being away from each other, we manage to find a way to be with each other. It was easy I mean it...
I am really happy that I didn't say no just because of distances.
My father in-law is always saying:
"If you want to do something which sounds difficult, don't bring excuses why you can't do it , find a way to do it."

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Atlas of Human History

For a while I was thinking , to better understand the glob, it's good to have a software that could show us what was going on, all around the earth at different era. A software that let us rotate the globe just like Google Earth and stop at desired spot, then select a certain era and see what was going on.
When the skulls of men, women, and children were piled in pyramids by the Mongols in the beautiful city of Neishabour, what king John was doing in Britain that cause the legend of Robin Hood. When ancient Egyptian was so civilized and know that much about medical care and civil engineering that makes some of us believe Great Pyramid of Khufu, are made by aliens; what was going on in today's Europe, or in today's Persia; just selecet the right era, then rotate and click.
I know it's not easy to collect all our knowledge about humans history and make a 3D visualize atlas but it can be a very useful software. Makes it much easier to understand humans trace, to understand the balances and interactions between nations and human societies. How rising of one nation cause the fall of the other.
Well, national geographic team made something kind of similar . It is not as explicit that I had in my mind but very similar concept. here is the link. you can rotate the globe and click on different spot and learn about humans history. I was not able to change the date range, apparently it's not the full version.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy New Year

Christmas spirit are everywhere, in shops,in streets, on TV. Beautiful lights in different color are hanged from people's house make the city like a wonder land.
Well to be honest Christmas and new year does not feel the same way to me, as Nouroz does. For me the beginning of the new year is the first day of spring. when tress blossom and weather starts warming up. and fresh green sprout covers the bare lands.
Here, the new year is watching snow covering the beautiful pines; new year is decorating the trees with colorful bulbs, lights and stars. The new year is piling up gifts under the tree, the new year is the smell of ginger cookies spreading all over the house.
The new year is watching Scrooge and listening to all Christmas carols...

Happy New Year Everyone, wish you the best

The Picture is from here.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another Yalda night

Last night was "Yalda night", the longest night of the year, the last night of the Autumn. The night we Iranian celebrate by getting together and having dinner. There are some delicious rules, there should be watermelon, some nuts, and gorgeous pomegranates on a table to complete the celebration.
Back in my parents house, like always everyone get together and celebrated the Yalda night. My father read Divane Hafez (Hafez is one of the most famous Iranian poet and Divane Hafez is the collection of his poems) for everyone even for Nima and I that were absent from their gathering.

It's always like this: Someone making a wish and then my father opens the Hafez book randomly and that poem is his/her fortune (well the interpretation of that poem actually).

My father called us this morning and read our poem for us. God, how much I love this.
Nima and I went to one of our friends house last night, there I was responsible to open Divane Hafez randomly and read every one's fortune poem. The interesting part was that exactly the same poem showed up for both Nima and me... :)

Hafez you are coooooooooooooooollllllll

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tasting a little of classical Favourite

Nima and I with couple of friends went to the Nutcracker Ballet here in Mississauga. It was my first time watching a live ballet. I really liked the show. of course the music was fantastic, and also the dancers did a nice job. I wonder how these people manage to stand on the very tip of their toes. How light you should be? the dance was really smooth and in harmoney with the music.

One good thing about Toronto is that there are always something going on in here. several concerts, operas, theaters, etc. Last November there was a concert conducted by Toronto Symphoney Orchestra, called "Classical Favourites". They conducted selections of The Four Seasons, Scheherazade (Part 4), and Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. It was the first time for me listening to Scheherazade. God, The music was unblivebaley beautiful. The conducter explained for us how different instruments, act as something. for example how violines used at the time that sherhrezad talked, or at the time that the weather is raining.
I just loved it...

World would be quite boring place without artists.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Little Girls with Big Ideas

Did you ever have a teacher back in school that had a positive influence on you; motivated you or gave you inspiration to do something or to be someone?
There were some teachers at different stages of my life, back in elementary school, high school or even university, who kind of motivated me in my life story.
One of these teachers was my lab teacher. He was a kind knowledgeable man, who always tried to inspire us to think about bigger things. Things out of our ordinary school book. Well I remember, I was 12 years old, and one day he came to class and said:

“Ok girls I believe you are special and you have special talents, you can do anything you want if you think right. I want you to form a group of two or three students and come up with the new idea for your term project. The idea could be anything there is no boundary, no limitation.”

All the class was so excited; talking about different ideas that came to their mind right away. I remember I was cheerfully explaining my idea to a friend that I wanted to make a robotic leg that could walk :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) the good thing about him was that he never laughed at us, he never said well, guys before making a robot you need to know a little more. He was 100% positive that we can do anything…
Well what happened at the end of the term was that, gradually I understood I had no idea what I was talking about and then we decided to make something easier. Well we made machine that could move. How? Do not laugh…

We got 4 wheels out of a toy truck and connected them to a light orange plastic plane. And we attached one magnet to the plane. To make it move we had another magnet in hand so by using the power of magnetic field we made the truck to go forward or back ward. We approach the attached magnet and depends on that we approached with the same pole or different pole, two magnets attracted or repelled each other and that was how the wheels moved.
Very sophisticated comparing with “LEGS THAT CAN WALK” :) :) :)