Saturday, December 27, 2008

Atlas of Human History

For a while I was thinking , to better understand the glob, it's good to have a software that could show us what was going on, all around the earth at different era. A software that let us rotate the globe just like Google Earth and stop at desired spot, then select a certain era and see what was going on.
When the skulls of men, women, and children were piled in pyramids by the Mongols in the beautiful city of Neishabour, what king John was doing in Britain that cause the legend of Robin Hood. When ancient Egyptian was so civilized and know that much about medical care and civil engineering that makes some of us believe Great Pyramid of Khufu, are made by aliens; what was going on in today's Europe, or in today's Persia; just selecet the right era, then rotate and click.
I know it's not easy to collect all our knowledge about humans history and make a 3D visualize atlas but it can be a very useful software. Makes it much easier to understand humans trace, to understand the balances and interactions between nations and human societies. How rising of one nation cause the fall of the other.
Well, national geographic team made something kind of similar . It is not as explicit that I had in my mind but very similar concept. here is the link. you can rotate the globe and click on different spot and learn about humans history. I was not able to change the date range, apparently it's not the full version.


Behi said...

Maybe we could do something about that someday, remember our last project? We were supposed to find out why in 4th century Iran had many intellects and not as much in other periods of its history and we signed a paper as our official contract :)))...And do you also remember how greatly the project ended up then? ;D


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