Monday, December 29, 2008

The missing piece - True story :)

Today is our anniversary. It has been two years that Nima and I got married. I am simply happy. I love my life, I love my husband. Thank you God if you are out there and listening. Thank you...
Nima came to my life almost three and half years ago and easily fitted in. It was just like a missing piece of my life. We easily connected without any attempt , without pushing anythings. We met, we started dating and after one year and half we got married.
When Nima asked me out , I was about to come to St. John's (in Newfoundland) and Nima was in Vancouver. I was very concerned, it sounded impossible to manage such long distance relationship. I shared my concern with him and what he replied convinced me to go on and I did. Nima told me: "if I know, there is a chance that I finally find my right person, but that girl is living on moon, I would never forgive myself if I don't even try; if I don't give myself a chance to see how can I reach her"
We started our relationship while I was studying in St. John's and he was in Vancouver, seems impossible?? but it wasn't. We video chatted almost every night and used any opportunity to visit each other. In less than a year Nima found a job in Toronto which increased the frequency of our visits and finally I moved to Toronto and continue my study from long distance (I became kind of expert in that kind of situation ;) )
Now that I look back, despite all these difficulities of being away from each other, we manage to find a way to be with each other. It was easy I mean it...
I am really happy that I didn't say no just because of distances.
My father in-law is always saying:
"If you want to do something which sounds difficult, don't bring excuses why you can't do it , find a way to do it."


Behi said...

Happy Happy Anniversary Hiva joonam! Wish you both years and yeeeeaaaaarrrss of life together full of wonderful moments and filled with smile and happiness :),

Cheers and kisses

Georg said...

Bonjour Hiva,

Wonderful. Best wishes to you and your husband for this year and for a couple of the next ones.

Just one thing: wright or wrong, I can't help thinking that Vancouver is vastly superior to Toronto. At the very first occasion I would stampede back to V (with new wife, sure). What does your husband say to this?


Tazeen said...

that was such a sweet post, a friend sent me link after a lecture on positive thinking ... i am glad i read it.

Hiva said...

George :)
Actually Nima like Vancouver alot. But Toronto has its own advatages. at the end of the day you will end up somewhere that you find good job :)

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