Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another Yalda night

Last night was "Yalda night", the longest night of the year, the last night of the Autumn. The night we Iranian celebrate by getting together and having dinner. There are some delicious rules, there should be watermelon, some nuts, and gorgeous pomegranates on a table to complete the celebration.
Back in my parents house, like always everyone get together and celebrated the Yalda night. My father read Divane Hafez (Hafez is one of the most famous Iranian poet and Divane Hafez is the collection of his poems) for everyone even for Nima and I that were absent from their gathering.

It's always like this: Someone making a wish and then my father opens the Hafez book randomly and that poem is his/her fortune (well the interpretation of that poem actually).

My father called us this morning and read our poem for us. God, how much I love this.
Nima and I went to one of our friends house last night, there I was responsible to open Divane Hafez randomly and read every one's fortune poem. The interesting part was that exactly the same poem showed up for both Nima and me... :)

Hafez you are coooooooooooooooollllllll


Behi said...

I well remember two of those gatherings at your parents, they were absolute fun especially the hafez poems parts :).

Frieda said...

I think Iranians are the only culture that celebrate this day. It's great, so meaningful too bad many people dont know about this.