Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy New Year

Christmas spirit are everywhere, in shops,in streets, on TV. Beautiful lights in different color are hanged from people's house make the city like a wonder land.
Well to be honest Christmas and new year does not feel the same way to me, as Nouroz does. For me the beginning of the new year is the first day of spring. when tress blossom and weather starts warming up. and fresh green sprout covers the bare lands.
Here, the new year is watching snow covering the beautiful pines; new year is decorating the trees with colorful bulbs, lights and stars. The new year is piling up gifts under the tree, the new year is the smell of ginger cookies spreading all over the house.
The new year is watching Scrooge and listening to all Christmas carols...

Happy New Year Everyone, wish you the best

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Anonymous said...

This 's first time I found your page.
I feel same feeling as yours about Xmas and their New Year,but I enjoy seeing signs of others' happiness.We will celebrate our Bahar if Nane Sarma goes very soon.
shad zi.