Friday, November 28, 2008

How engineers learn from evolution

This is just amazing, that how much we can learn from the nature. Click and watch :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wisdom of the day

The distance between “everything is just perfect” and “oh I’m really doomed” is nothings. Life is a box of surprises...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Little Taste of Heaven

Feijoa, Did you ever heard of this name? Do you no what this is? If not, I'm telling you.. you are missing the taste of one of the most delicious fruits on earth. Just go and find it trust me!

Well as far as I remember, there were several Feijoa trees (different types) in our garden (My parents' actually). One of my uncle was an agriculture engineer, I guess he was the one who first introduced the tree to my parents. Every Autumn, gorgeous perfumed flowers cover allover the trees' body. Even the flowers are quite delicious. Feijoa is a stunning aromatic green fruit. You can eat it with skin or cut it in half and eat the inside, so juicy. I love it any way, with or without skin. My mom used to make jam out of it, even the jam is awesome. I am amazed how come such gorgeous delicious fruit is not as famous as it deserves.It seems the fruit originated from Brazil.

During years I got used to my friends' puzzled faces, when I ask them if they taste Feijoa!

"What ? Fuji? Fiji? is that a fruit? " back in school , in university here in Canada, no one heard the name of this fruit. I bet "star fruit" is more famous even so it dose not have even half of Feijoa's taste and smell.

In Canada I found Feijoa in Sobeye's gracory store. you should have been there to see my face.

"Feijoa, yes yes finally!!!"

I remember the look on cashier's face. A young boy looked at the Feijoas and said: what are these???!!!!!"

I guess it's Autumn and my desire for Feijoa showing up again, I need to find some :))))

The gorgeous pictures are from here and here.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Send your message to the Space

This is really cool. You can send your message to the space through this Kepler spacecraft. I attache our certificate ;)))
Here is the Link:

Thursday, November 06, 2008


I am receiving regular newsletter from the website called: Bottom Line's Daily Health News. Today I noticed very interesting piece of news about the brain.

It’s about 8 efficient ways to boost up your brain suggested by Cynthia R. Green. She mainly encourages people to use and challenge their brain in order to prevent disease such as Alzheimer and also to make the brain sharper and faster.

We can improve our brain by simple activities such as playing puzzle, listening/reading daily news. The sharper we want our brain to be the more challenging things we should do.
In part of the newsletter it advice to “DO DIFFICULT THINGS” such as learning new things: music, language, etc.
There are some top universities who offer free online courses:
Berkeley University of California:
Carnegie Mellon University :
Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
Tufts University:

More useful advice:
• Do crossword puzzles, Sudoku and jigsaws. For online puzzles go to and click on "Puzzles & Toons." Go to for jigsaw and other puzzles.

• Memorize a new word and definition each day at

• Do math calculations. Visit for free math brain teasers. Or go to

• Play strategic games such as Battleship and Scrabble ( and

• Try new recipes at easy healthy recipes or

Bottom Line “Use it or Lose it” :)