Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wisdom of an anonymous Bishop

I have a friend at work who is pretty funny. we have lunch together everyday. He is a serious game player with a high rank among gamers in Canada and call himself a Bishop.Today he told me something really wise. He told me that he couldn't earn one achievement in latest Call of Duty game in XBox and last night he dreamed about it. He said "Imagine how upset I was that I dreamed about it." Then he continued " you should make yourself fake challenges in life so that real ones have to stay in line". 

Monday, December 09, 2013

The Story of Two lovers

It was middle of a day about two years ago, when my colleage called me:

- Hiva I can see them outside of my window, they are here again.
- Who?
- The lovers.

For the past couple of years that I have been working in this building, every once in a while two cars one black and another one blue, come and park right beside each other, side by side, a woman gets out of one and enter to the other. The other car has windows all covered with sun reflector. After 3 to 4 hours, a woman comes out and each car goes its own way.

I recently moved to another spot close to the window with a beautiful view to a ravin and of course our parking lot. When I feel tired I look outside to refreshen my mind. It was about few month ago that I looked outside of a building and I saw them. The black car and and the blue car side by side. I was curious to see them, the famouse lovers that half of my office knows about.

At last, she came out of the black car, a woman in her fifties followed by him, a man of the same age. I should confess I was expecting a much younger woman. They hugged tightly and kiss each other long. Outside was chilly but they didn't have a care. It was obviouse saying goodbye was very hard for them. To me they are totally in love, affair or not, these two love each other badly.

This is awkward that two strangers having affair and chose a remote parking lot to meet and be with each other. They think no one of their family members know but then half of an office all strangers know about them.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Seinfeld's Wisdom

Nima and I have started watching Jerry Seinfeld sitcome from beginnings. I like this show, and it's casual way of presenting ordinary people in their everyday life. The show is about nothing that's what I like about it. No fancy dressing of actors, pretty face boys and girls, instead Ordinary faces, light funny atmosphere.

Anyway we just started watching season 2, Jerry and George are talking about relationship and jerry says something which is quitte deep actually. Here it is "Relationship is a living organism, you develop it and when you starve it, it turns against you". This is so true.