Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life is a dance we must learn

I can't stop listening to this song.
It has a simple and sweet lyrics. Nima and I have started watching this English tv series called Forsyte Saga which is about life, love and relationship. I love the song at the end of each episod. Here is the lyrics.

Life is a dance we must learn
Into the night we will turn
Time holds the secrets of our song
Moments are given, then gone
Come have this dance with me darling
I'll hold you tight till the dawn
Let the night see how I love you
So the moon can tell the sun
One more time around the sky
Kiss each tear that you have cried
Soon the day will tell everyone
I'll love you till I die
Look at your hair flowing in the night
Look at your lips in this light
Just let me kiss them this one more time
Nothing was ever so right

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hang in there Little One

I came out of the building that suddenly I heard a man behind me said "look it's still up there".  I looked at the tree and say a young raccoon hanging the very end of the up-most branch. It was a windy day with strong gust of 100 km/hr. The Baby raccoon hanged tightly to that branch with closed eyes. "She is probably scared to come down" A man said. "Yeah, maybe she is waiting till night when no body is around" I replied. "I'll check up on him tomorrow morning and if he was still here I'll  call for help."
"Hang in there little one" I said to myself. the day after I came back there was no sign of her.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thanks Apple

I love my iPad. This beautiful piece of technology is just perfect for blogging in bed just what I am doing right now. I was looking into my gmail drafts. I saved few poems or writing that I liked as a draft. I was reading through till I saw one email dated back to 7 month ago. I wrote the email to a very dear friend who asked me something but I never sent the response. I just felt I shouldn't. I remember writing my response with so much care to avoid any heart feeling or misunderstanding but still after finishing the letter I couldn't sent it. It didn't feel right. Still I am not sure if I should have pressed the send button or not.
There is another draft written to the editor of a journal. That one I should have definitely sent. Here is a lesson for myself next time I will express my opinion with self confidence. Promise

Tomorrow with my boss I am heading to a site to audit a tunnel construction. Believe it or not I can not find a pair of safety rubber boot with steel toe protection for myself. I checked several stores and the last one told me quite searching. A young guy who was trying to help me told me here there are none for women. All of the available safety rubber boots are for men and the smallest size is too big for me. I am going down the shaft climbing down a vertical ladder 20 m long I can't afford falling heavy boot in the air. Down the tunnel is always muddy and regular safety boot doesn't do the job for me.
After googling for a long time I finally found a pair of rubber safety boot for female which was design for fire fighters. I was so excited and ready to order till I realize that they currently don't ship anything to Canada. My next hope is to find. Steel toe guard to attach to my regular boots. I can't be the first female with small feet inspecting tunnels here in Toronto or am I?!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Entry for April

These days everything are kind of quite. Nima and I enjoying spring and cant wait for summer. I like my new work place, what I am doing, my colleagues, all.   I am 32 now, no kids and have no plan for a one. My parents never push us for a grandchild but recently my dad started asking about it :). He is so funny when trying to ask but not to push. It's a big deal raising a child and I don't see that in myself. I don't want to have a baby just for the sake of not being alone when I am getting older. Well I guess I will feel like it when it's about time hopefully before it's too late.

Innovative Soul

I wanna be that lamp.