Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life is a dance we must learn

I can't stop listening to this song.
It has a simple and sweet lyrics. Nima and I have started watching this English tv series called Forsyte Saga which is about life, love and relationship. I love the song at the end of each episod. Here is the lyrics.

Life is a dance we must learn
Into the night we will turn
Time holds the secrets of our song
Moments are given, then gone
Come have this dance with me darling
I'll hold you tight till the dawn
Let the night see how I love you
So the moon can tell the sun
One more time around the sky
Kiss each tear that you have cried
Soon the day will tell everyone
I'll love you till I die
Look at your hair flowing in the night
Look at your lips in this light
Just let me kiss them this one more time
Nothing was ever so right


John said...

This is a very beautiful and interesting article
The most true one , Life is a very tough thing

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Behdokht said...

I'm getting the whole series soon! :))

Anonymous said...

Thanx for sharing this, Hiva
U have a good taste in both TV series and music (just like me) haha
Love u! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear John - life is not a thing - you are life!