Friday, September 28, 2007


I had a very bad day today. I don’t want to think about what has happened anymore. I just need to cool down a bit. I wished Nima was around. I wished Behi was here.

Monday, September 24, 2007


My husband showed me this wonderful photomosaic based on famouse painting by Van Gough. This picture is a photomosaic of the famous painting 'Starry Night'. The image is made with over 210.000 tiny photos. Click over the image to see the tiny tiny images. I can't put the picture here as it is huge. Also listen to this beautiful song which my friend sent to me. The song is made based in this peice of art. Enjoy!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


One of the famous Persian bloggers invited other bloggers to write “what is the mother land?” Several Iranian bloggers answered his invitation.I like to write about this as well.
elepehens, lions, bears ,bees, squirrels etc are all, bias about their territories and they try to keep it safe from other opponents attack. Humans are not exception to this instinctive behaviour. We humans became civilized 7000 years ago and based on our instinct we separate our territories and make the world map as it is today. Asia, Africa, Europe,… continents are all made by the eager of humans to keep their territories. We fight, killed each other just like any other animals. But as a more developed creature we put more to it: choosing a flag for our territory and call it our motherland then fight for our dignity and so on and on.

But you know what, simply if some one asks me where your motherland is? I will definitely reply Iran. For me the motherland is the place that I grow up in and I know every detail of its culture. The place that I read about its history at school; The place that I read about great men who brought grand things to it; the place that I talked to other people with my mother tongue; The place that I know the all slang common between the young; the place that I know its traditions, its customs and I am not minority in. Even if you migrate to another land and be flexible enough to mix up with the new society again the traditions of new land is not yours. for instance Christmas songs doesn’t have the same feeling for you as it has for those who grow up with these songs and each part of it remind them of something in their past or childhood.

Just don’t get me wrong I don’t want to be sentimental. Plainly your motherland is the place you grow up there even if you hate it. I think there is no such thing that each person is very responsible for his/her mother land. I don’t think your motherland is necessarily the best place to live in or have the most peace in. You as a human – smart creatures on the earth- were born on a special geography of the world map that we created it ourselves. After that since you grow up there, several ties to the place and people who live there (country mate) came to picture and make that place your motherland. You can leave it or stay and devote yourself to it but if you ask me it is simply optional. It doesn’t matter where you are, all these borders are made by us. Wherever you are just being aware what you want and how you can reach it. Be useful and love all people.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Geek Stuff

A: I got stuck, I am the stupidest in the world, I can’t find the answer ever, and I really feel bad.
B: Are you a graduate student?
A: How did you know!!!!
There are common symptoms for this kind of disease, “being a graduate student”. Doing a research is tough but more than that is to learn how to do it. You need to be patient and at the same time you should avoid being too picky. You need to be aware where you are and try not to diverge from the main research stream, which is the supervisor responsibility to watch you not getting lost (if they bother).
You are going ups and down all the time; they are some times that you feel the lowest IQ in the world is yours, you can’t do anything and completely stuck.
This is to all other graduate students of the world if you have the same feeling don’t worry. This is the same for every other one. Depends on their personality some grads show it and some don’t. All of us feel unsure many times during our research program. Good luck to all of us.

Friday, September 14, 2007

First Nest

We finally bought a house. It was more than a month that Nima and I were looking for a house and finally we found one. We just sign everything an hour ago and came back. We are still excited…it will take us more time to sink in.
This is our first house…

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Autumn, School, Classmates...

The weather is cooling down these days here in Toronto; the trees are gradually getting colored yeah autumn is coming. Autumn always reminds me of my school years. When I was a teenager I had always loved summer for obvious reason, no school. But each year at the end of the summer there was a song “hello classmate”, shown on national TV, and it was a real motivation for me to back to school. The song was about going back to school and say hello to your classmates, lab lablab…
I remember that the big challenges for parents who had first grade kids to sent to school was to convince them that school is not a prison and no one waiting for them with axe…I remember cute first grade kids with one or two missed teeth, crying or exciting. Good memories.
Sometimes I feel I miss to be in classroom again, with my classmates and teachers. After 20 years of being in school, at the start of the autumn I still feel I should get ready for something. Anyway it all finished now.

I am going back to St. John’s this coming Saturday, but the good thing is that I will return in October which is Nima’s birthday. I really like to surprise him somehow not just with presents. I was thinking to…It’s better not to write my mind here incase that Nima read this post. :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


There is something that I don’t understand at all. Why some spouses/couples betray each other?
I really don’t get this. I am talking about normal situation, once there was a happy couple, deep in love with each other after a while say 5, 6 years one of them start having a secret affair with someone else and finally his/her secret revealed and they got divorced and the one who was betrayed suffer a lot from that tragic experience. Why???
How one can do such things to her/his spouse?
There could be some very special situation that you sympathy with the one who betrays, such as this scenario, 14 years old girl has to marry 70 years old man because of tradition (whatever) after 5, 6 years she grew up and understood what her parents did to her. She hated her husband that could be her grandfather, and after a while she fell in love with a young man lablab… but here forget about such a rare situation. I am talking about the typical story.
I can understand that two people in love , after a while stop loving each other for what ever reasons, but what is she/he thinking to start having hidden relationship??? If you get tired of your married life, that’s ok first finish this one and then start another. If you miss being in market again, go ahead, but just before that let your spouse know about your feeling. It’s his/her right after those years you two spend together.
What is the point of hidden relationship, I don’t get this! Maybe the one who betrays, don’t want to ruin his/her marriage until she/he fell confident about the second one.
The moment one of the couple start betraying, the marriage comes to an end, after that it is just matter of time that another one discover the truth.
You know I think when it comes to such a things, it doesn’t matter how deep the secret relationship is! If they just talk on the phone! If they go further! Any touches involve!
No I think what really matters is that one is able to cheat on a person who trusts him/her so much; who loves him/her so much.
It is so heartbreaking. The one who left, behind this bitter experience, really suffer a lot.
We don’t have to get married if we think we are not a long term commitment person. No one put a gun on our head. If we get married and after a while we feel we don’t want this married life anymore, which is ok, let the other one know! And get divorced then do what ever you like. for the sake of all those sweet days you two spend together, for the sake of the moment you two were in love and sign those papers, for the sake of the kids if you have, show a little respect.
Above all what annoyed me more is that some people try to show, this is not a big deal. This is a big deal! How come cheating on the one who trust you so much, is not a big deal? This trend can end to the society with no emotional security.
I think forming a family in the classic way is one the best achievements of the humans. I always appreciate what my parents did for me. I always appreciate what I learned in my family. I hope when the world changing everyday and making new rules and everything, we humans don’t ruin our valuable achievements just because they seem old.