Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lazy Girl Repellent

I feel, a big fat lazy girl recently nested in my head, slowing me down. Any suggestion how to get rid of her? Maybe I should go for BUNGEE.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Daddy's Sweet Milestone

thousand and thousands of books on wooden shiny shelves; I am running through narrow corridors made by several book cases; playing hide and seek; I am 8 or 9. I loved the place I still do "daddy's library".
As far as I remember my father was always there all the afternoon till 9:00 pm, writing, reading working passionately. The library got bigger and bigger through the years right now he has more than 20,000 volumes in there. Some of the books are quite old, he bought them when he was a teenage boy.
As the time passes he became more interested toward the history first the world's and after that Iran's. He did a handsome of research first by a group of 8 to 10 other writers with similar passions and interests. The group worked together for almost 12 years before they broke up. I remember the up-stair floor used to be dad's library. For several years my mom did her best to keep the house quiet enough not to distract the group of researchers working with my dad on a book called "Encyclopedia of Biographies". When the first volume came out it became the book of the year. But the group didn't last long after that, one of the writers who happen to be a close friend of my dad betrayed his trust. He secretly copied all the Bios the group had been gathering for the years and left. My dad with several other member of the group tried hard to prove he stole the data but they couldn't.
After that heart breaking incident my father sail the boat alone. My mom was always supportive and encourage him to follow his passions. My father gradually became more and more interested in an Iranian historian called "Beyhaqi". He went through his book "Tarikhe Beihaghi" which is the history of Iran in the 11th to early 12th century. He gathered information about every single person named in the book and found out a lot of new things about people who were mistaken before with some other men. It took him several years to complete his book considering the fact that the research part is his passion not a job . Today my father's book is published. I know how much in means to him.
They had a small celebration back home, I wish I could have been there. Dad I am so proud of you. I hope your book find the place it deserves.

Friday, November 06, 2009

The more you cheat the more I make money

I just read a very controversial article on Globe and Mail on line. The article introduce Noel Biderm the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at AshelyMadison Agency. Believe it or not the website is for married people who wants to have an affair. Noel is also the writer of the book called "Cheaters Prosper".

I entered the website, this strange quote caught my eyes "Life is too short , have an affair".
These are the facts about this agency:
1- The website has been operating for 8 years now and have over 4.8 million members.
2- The ratio of the men to women are 70 to 30.
3- The
men tend to be between 35-60 years old, while women come in two distinct groups: married 30-50 and single 20-30 years old.
4- There are many single women on the site who are looking to be with an attached man for their own personal reasons

He was available on-line today to answer people's question. During the on-line debate Noel was saying that he himself is faithful to her wife and he is just providing facilities for those who are already cheating but through his website it's become easier (plus he is making money out of it).

He believes that divorced is not a choice for everyone, there are family, extended family, financial, and a whole host of other foundations to a marriage - at least by having an affair the person can recharge him/herself.

What really bothering me is that: in a nutshell this man is a business man and he makes more money as more people cheat on their partner. please note that he is not encouraging people to have open marriage, no he encourage them to have an affair. He does not simply accept the fact that this is all about money. He is trying to justify that what he is doing is good for mankind. He is saying that "
The research from geneticists is more clear - it is not in our DNA to be monogamous"!!!!

Not in our DNA? Actually I don't think this kind of social agreements has anything to do with our DNA. Is it in Arab Saudian's DNA that a man can have four women. I don't think so!

I believe instead of encouraging people to have an affair, it's better to encourage them not to rush to get married. No one put a gun on our head to marry (at least not in North America). If someone think staying with only one person for his/her entire life is a torture, fine! stay out of it; have an open relationship. I could understand if someone has open marriage because it's not cheating anymore both side are adults and agree on a new form of social agreement. But Noel makes money by encouraging people to cheat.
One more thing, if someone after a while for whatever reasons feels his/her marriage does not work get divorced.

I don't believe that cheating on your partner can save your marriage. The moment you cheat your marriage is literally ended and it's useless to stay in that misery . I mean what kind of marriage is that when you have to cheat to save it.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Moment of peace

Laying next to him, resting my head on his left arm; my left hand around him, I'm listening to his breath. Nothing else matters for now. We have each other, forget about everything else (job, thesis, etc). Life is beautiful..Life is...Life...L

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

European spice of downton Toronto

If you are living around Toronto one of the very nice place to hang out is Distillery District. The place used to be the largest distillery in downtown Toronto, founded in 1832. Today the place becomes one of the first only pedestrian village and the city’s only historic district. It has brick lined streets with the European piazza charm. You can find several art galleries, restaurants and cafes inside.

With some of our friends we visited the area last weekend. There was a chocolate maker shop called SOMA. The place is very cosy and nice but you should taste the chocolate over there. I have never had such delicious chocolate in my life. We tried few truffles: Bergamot, Espresso crisp and Douglas Fir. I can't get over it. The taste was magical, the taste of fresh coca bean and charming spices added to the truffles. Absolutely lovely and 100% recommended if you can get there... We bought spicy Mayan hot chocolate to make some at home. I'm looking forward to taste this Mayan elixir :D