Tuesday, November 03, 2009

European spice of downton Toronto

If you are living around Toronto one of the very nice place to hang out is Distillery District. The place used to be the largest distillery in downtown Toronto, founded in 1832. Today the place becomes one of the first only pedestrian village and the city’s only historic district. It has brick lined streets with the European piazza charm. You can find several art galleries, restaurants and cafes inside.

With some of our friends we visited the area last weekend. There was a chocolate maker shop called SOMA. The place is very cosy and nice but you should taste the chocolate over there. I have never had such delicious chocolate in my life. We tried few truffles: Bergamot, Espresso crisp and Douglas Fir. I can't get over it. The taste was magical, the taste of fresh coca bean and charming spices added to the truffles. Absolutely lovely and 100% recommended if you can get there... We bought spicy Mayan hot chocolate to make some at home. I'm looking forward to taste this Mayan elixir :D


Behi said...

I have to try this thing some day, sounds so great! Enjoy and eat some for me Hivaie ;).

Hiva said...