Tuesday, January 03, 2017

It's been eight months now

Its been more than 8 months that my little prince came to my life. So much has happened. I am still amazed how our little human is growing, learning and interacting with his surroundings.

There are few things that Iam keep reminding myself:

- The best mom is the happy mom. Do your best. The little one is the priority. However at the same time it's very important not to loose yourself in moms duty. Think how can you give yourself a little bit of break. Use helps when possible and treat your selves. When you are happy you are a better mom. You  will make better decision and will act more energetic and creative toward your baby.

- Appreciate the quality time you are spending with your bear cub. Time flies. Really. Enjoy every moment of being together. Take pictures. Make a photo book every now and then. One day when bear cub grows old enough he will love to see his life story through pictures.

- Be yourself. Be content. Don't compare your little one with other kids. Don't try to ACT in a certain way without really feeling it. Don't follow a parenting book if you don't quite get what it says. Being yourself ( your best) is far more effective than acting blindly by the book.

- Don't forget about your partner. Still find a way to surprise each other. Keep the romance alive. Just having this in your mind will help. Of course things are different now but it doesn't mean you can not find a way to enjoy some couple times every now and then.

- Avoid friends who gets competitive with their kids. For me these people are joy killer. Too focus to prove their babies are the best, they will only send you negative vibe. They will compare everything your baby is doing with theirs. Starting from wight and length to IQ and rest.

- and last but not least don't stress yourself with fears. Nobody knows what the future holds. Just do your best and enjoy life today.