Friday, March 27, 2009


this is an update to my previous post. We went back to "Gelder Fine Arts" shop. He remembered us in first glance.
-Barabara these are the couple I told you (Barbara is a lovely girl who is managing the shop).
We took a picture with him, he said : Let me hold my brush, just like I'm painting. :)
The above picture is the painting we bought , shows a girl and her dog walking along the river.
The second photo is Nima and I behind him.


Deep Blue Sea said...

Wow .U are so pretty. Infact U take the focus of the paintings..

Cool paintings by the way..

Anonymous said...

:) Thanks for sharing your sweet moment with us. He seems to be lovely and i like his paintings. The colors he has used in his paintings are so soft and get every one good feeling. By the way, Nima and you look great to each other ;)


Hiva said...

Thanks guys ;)))

Deep Blue Sea said...

Hey Hiva ,I wanted to ask u why u call ur blog " Book Of Life , Chapter three " ? What is the significance of the name ? What are the first two chapters ?

Hiva said...

I explained it in my very first post,
First chapter childhood
2ed chapter teen years
3rd chapter adulthood (the phase I am in)

Frieda said...

how lovely? and you look great in the picture! :-)

Deep Blue Sea said...

Hey Hiva I was reading Ur Archives and I found a Haftseen Table photo.There was ur wedding photo on the table. I just wanted to ask u abt the Attire.He is wearing suit and u are wearing gown and both are Western.I wanted to know is this the traditional dress for Iranians ?Because I have many Iranian Photos {wedding or Other gatherings}and Iranian men are wearing nice suits and women are also in western attire,all looking more western than westerners themselves.So I want to know if this is Iranian traditional attire or is it copied from west{thinkin its a matter of prestige or something}.Becoz in my country we wear western stuff like jeans n stuff but for weddings and festivals we are very traditional in dressing.

Hiva said...


About the dress, it is western, in Iran it's been a long time that men wears suite and women wear white dress for a wedding. as far as I know in most part of Iran even in villages bride wear white dress and groom wears suite. I am not sure when it comes to dress Iranian have traditional dress the way Indian do. Even my grandpa had a suite for his wedding and my grandma had a white dress. I don't think it's a matter of prestige because it's not like I am choosing between be traditional or going western, there is no traditional dress. at least I don't know any

Nafis said...

What a lovely man he is! Little miracles take place when we do not expect.

sherry said...

It is a lovely picture you bought.

Hiva said...

Thanks :))

Robert said...

Hi Hiva,
We purchased 2 beautiful paintings from W Gelder about 7 years ago. I can't find any information on what happened to him since he closed his store in Streetville.
Do you know anything about his whereabouts? Is he still alive?
Robert Cool,

Hiva said...

Hi Robert,

All I know is that he celebrated his 93rd birthday in a hospital in 2010. Someone left me comment about his family closing the shop. I never saw him again.
HERE you can read that comment:
I googled it but nothing came up.
He was/is a great man. I love this painting very much.


Robert said...

Thanks Hiva for your quick response. I agree with you he is/was a very nice man.

If I hear anything, I will let you know.

Take care,


Sebanti Chadha said...
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Sebanti Chadha said...

My husband and I have had a very similar encounter with Mr. Gelder the same year as you. He even shared his photo album of the time he was based in Calcutta, India when he found out that I was originally from there. His beautiful pairing adorns our living room wall.

Hiva said...

Isn't this great that you have such beautiful story behind your painting. Every time you look at that painting you remember something sweet ;)