Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Uncle Nowruz Is On The Way

Spring is coming. Nowruz is on the way. I can hear the sound of uncle Nowruz's horses' hooves, rushing toward me. He is bringing blossoms to bare lands. That's how I always imagined him, an old man with white beard, wise eyes and kind smile. I can hear Hjji Firuz plays his tambourine...Hajji Firuze Sali Yeruze...
Back on those days that I was in my hometown, when greengage trees were blooming at grandpa's garden, yellow dandelions were coming out of ground, pale pink blossoms were covering peach trees, I knew spring was there. When our dogs were going crazy and giving each other romantic looks, I knew love is in the air...
We used to gather all by the "haftsin" table, while waiting for last seconds of old year to pass on...tic tac tic tac...Happy New Year.
All the family kissed and huged each other. My dad used to gave us our gifts and then all of us used to head to my grandpa's place where my aunts, uncles and cousin where gathered. These are part of the most precious memories that I have. When grandpa passed away the family union was never like before, but still lovely.
I missed being with my family for four Nowruz. I am not going to complain about that . That's life..I should go with the life train instead I am having my own Nowruz with Nima.
I am trying to make it just like what we have back home as much as possible. I don't want loose this lovely tradition. I will pass it to my kids one day...
Happy Spring everybody, wish you a year full of good news, heart warming incidents and sweet surprises...(The picture is from here.)
سال نو مبارک


Anonymous said...

Happy new year honey! I wish you the best moments in this new year too! below is my favorite poem which always reminds me of the moment of emerging unconditional love with lots of colorful blossoms and flowers like heaven :) for you;

سر سبز ترین بهار تقدیم تو باد
آوای خوش هزار تقدیم تو باد
گویند که لحظه ایست روییدن عشق
آن لحظه هزار بار تقدیم تو باد


Hiva said...

Merci Nasim junnii

Behi said...

Happy Nowruz to you too Hiva joonam!

I can feel Eid with its unique sensation around myself mentally;it is so strong that gives me this impression that Nowruz has actually passed all the way from Iran, crossed the borders to reach me right in here, it's just amazing :)

Deep Blue Sea said...

Happy Nowruz to you miss Hiva.

Can u tell me What date is Nowroz Exactly ?

Hiva said...

March 21st , and for this year it will happen on Friday at 7:45 AM ;)
that's the exact moment that spring officially starts :)))

ahmad said...

Hi Hiva
Happy new year and
wish you and your family the best.

Hiva said...

Thanks Ahmad jan, the same for you

بی بی باران said...

سال نوت پیشاپیش مبارکچون میرم مسافرت شاید نتونم به موقع تبریک بگم شاد باشی و سلامتتتتت

Hiva said...

Merci Baran, sale noye to ham mobarak, safar khosh begzare :))