Saturday, March 01, 2008

My Lovely season Spring

Spring is coming. the very first day of the spring, 21st of March, is my birthday. It is also the begining of the new Iranian year, "Norouz". Back home it's time to "shake home" clean it allover, buying new clothes and preparing "Haft sin" table.

I am thinking about two gorgeous Magnolia trees in our garden. The white one should start to prosper and the pink one will catch up later.

I miss walking in streets, seeing shops full of Red fishes and purple hyacinth, sabze,...

I always loved the few last days of the year before Spring come. It's like something going to be happen, it's like really everything are going to be new and revive, the earth and all the creatures.

I love the few last seconds tic tac tic tac .... BOMB .... the traditional music ... Happy Norouz

like always I have the same wishes to pray for:

to be a better person,

to have better vision of the life,

to have bigger ears to hear :)

to be sharper to learn

to have better eyes to see

to learn from my mistakes (I barley do)

to break less hearts and not let other break ours

not to be fooled with our fake ego

not to be limited with our narrow mind

not to judge others in a first glance

can be trusted for our words

to be knowledgeable and quite generous with that

to be surrounded with those who are better than us

to be a doe but to be a Lion

to be an eagle but to be a lamb
to be powerful but never use that against the weak

quite a long list!


Behi said...

I love your list, all of them are the kinds of desires that only a beautiful mind would wish for; a dear mind like yours.

Wish you a wonderful year,

Love you.

Frieda said...

the important part of your list is that most of them are about "being" and not "doing" or "having" which is the best way to go about it. You have to BE in order to DO so you can HAVE.

I pray that we you BE that possibility that you aspire.

40tike said...

happy birthday dear Hiva. BTW, I'm 2 days younger than you ;):)

Hiva said...

I noticed actually, ;)