Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Kings

I heard about King Henry VIII of England when one my friends was telling me about his visit from Royal British Wax Museum. There were statues of the king and his 6 wives.
At first it seems great to be a first lady but these poor wives was not that fortunate, at least five of them.

Catherine of Aragon was the first one who gave birth to Bloody Mary.
After twenty years of marriage, that she could not deliver a boy and she passed the age of birth, Henry VIII declared their marriage annulled. It is said that she died of a broken heart, four years later. The second wife was not that lucky!!

The king married to Anne Boleyn immediately after annulling his first marriage. Anne gave birth to Queen Elizabeth I but no son. King charged Anne with betrayal, after making up false evidence against her. She was finally executed at the Tower of London, where she was beheaded with a sword. At the same time Henry had affair whit Marry Boleyn, Anne older sister. I don’t know how come 4 other women dare to marry him.

Jane Seymour became the third wife of Henry only 11 days after Anne execution. She gave birth to King Edward VI and sadly passed away 12 days after that.

Anne of Cleves was the fourth queen. It is very interesting story that how King Henry agreed to marry her. It seems that the king sent a painter to make a portrait of her to make sure that she is pretty enough for the king (she was in Germany). Apparently the painter was quite generous and made a pretty portrait that persuaded the king to marry her. But when poor Anne arrived, king Henry insulted her that she looked like a horse (actually I think horses are quite pretty). They divorced immediately. At leas she didn’t executed.

The fifth queen was Catherine Howard which was Anne Boleyn cousin. I don’t know what she was thinking marry to the man who executed her cousin. By the time they got married, Henry was 50 and Catherine was 19. She found the same destiny as her cousin. She was accused of having many lovers (I am not surprised but that age difference) and be headed with her lovers at the Tower of London (6 years after her cousin).

The last and the lucky one was Catherine Parr who was mostly a nurse for the old king. Henry died in 1547 four years after his last marriage and let the last queen outlive him.
It is said that king Henry (like many other kings) has several mistress.

You can see the pictures of his wives here:

At the same time that King Henry VIII was in England (1491-1547), back in Iran, 15 years old boy called Ismail I (who was also a poet), became the founder of SAFAVI dynasty in 1502. He was the one who reunited the Iran in 1510.

In one of his war against the Selim I, the Sunni king, Ismail favorite wife was taken hostage. Selim king demanded huge concessions for her release. But Ismail refused to cede to his demands. It is said that Ismail had died of a broken heart in 1524 at the early age of thirty-six, never having seen his beloved spouse again.

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