Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Black Shirt

Listening to this song cheers me up and reminds me of a cute Colombian girl, Erica who played this song for me on her ipod. She enthusiastically translated the song to me and explained how popular Juanes is (I had no idea who he was honestly). Listen and Enjoy:

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Heroic Moments

Pica Pica
I was 14 or 15 years old. I came back from school and like everyday call for my dog, Liza (she was a Terrier/Lab mix breed. Black colored with white strip started from her nose to her tail. I found her when she was just a baby) to start our usual journey deep into grandpa garden.
we had a heavy rain the day before and every where was still wet. We almost reached to the one end of the garden that I saw a bucket. Just out of curiosity I went ahead to look inside. There he was, a pica pica, almost drawn in a water collected in that bucket due to rain. He was obviously tired of struggling to come out. he managed to keep the tip of his beak out of water to breath. I took him out, he was too tired to show any reactions. He couldn't fly his wings was totally wet. I ran toward home while Liza was following me with her curious eyes on pica pica.
We had an small store room in our backyard. I took a blow dryer and went inside the room. he was gradually getting warm and as his feathers dried he gathered his strength back. when he totally dried he stood on his feet, looked up and saw me and with a sudden move he flew toward the window. But before flying out he stood there, looked back for a moment and then flew away. I felt like a hero. :))

Liza's Puppy
I was 12 or 13. Liza gave birth to 7/8 super cute puppies. There were colorful chubby woolly creatures with pink nose. I couldn't took my eyes off them. There was an old forsaken shed at a corner of Grandpa Garden with old sofa inside. Liza chose an old comfortable sofa to put her babies on. It was a midnight that I woke up by a continuous noise of one of Liza's baby. I waited for a while to see if it was gonna end but it didn't. I went out toward the shed to see what's going on. Liza came to me, moving her tail in excitement. I saw one of Liza's baby had fallen down the sofa and that's why it was making all those noises for help. I put it back and it became quite. I felt so good, went back to bed and slept like a baby.

Wounded Crow
I was 6 or 7 . I noticed our German Shepherd dog was jumping up and down. I ran toward him and saw a pretty large crow trying to fly away but he couldn't because of his wounded wing. The poor crow was jumping in the air and falling down while our dog was trying to chase him. It was emergency call :). one of the time that the crows jumped up, I stood in a place that he would probably crash on and that was what exactly happened. He crashed down in my arms and I grabbed him quickly. Now imagine 6/7 years old girl carrying a pretty large crow with bloody wing, in her arms which is easily half of her size. I ran toward home to find a bandage. I remember my mom opened the door and screamed:

"for God sake Hiva what is this????"
- Mom, I saved him from the dog, he is wounded.
- Noooooooooo, we can't bring him home. Let him go somewhere out of dogs reach. He can take care of himself.

I let him go. I don't remember how I felt. It was long time ago. :)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Flower of My Vase, Moon On My Porch

Listen to This beautiful music video by Monica Jalili. The music is an old Iranian song.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wishful Thoughts

News from here and there. He does this, she said that. That guy is not happy with his job, this girl wants to move to another city..He is complaining, and is pessimistic just like a Glum in Gulliver, she believes ...
My mind analyzing, analyzing, processing the information all the time.
I really don't want to hear all these, I can't help analyzing but I might be able to build a filter. then I can prevent some information to get in, in first place, so that I don't have to think or judge.
I'm tired, the grown up world is complicated. I want to keep my simple world forever.
When I am happy I'll show. When I am sad I'll show that too. If I'm concern I'll talk about it.
I want the real world be as simple as my childhood cartoons. there where bad people and good ones. Bad people always loose at the end , they tried hard to trap good people or make troubles for them but always good people was the winner.
I want the world be a fair place, those who deserve better achieve better and those who cheat and are not honest be caught red handed.
Is that too much to ask!!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Zeta Brain Wave

I can't sleep.
I watched a presentation on Brain Music Therapy on youtube. In one slide it was saying that our brain produces small amount of electrical activities which induces brain waves. Our brain waves are responding differently to different activities. We have 4 type of Brain Waves:

- Delta: 2 to 4 Hz during sleeping
- Theta: 4 to 8 during day dreaming
- Alpha: 8-12 when you are focused and relaxed, for example watching movie
- Beta: above 12 during high concentration, like doing math

What type of brain wave it is, when you can't focus on anything but you can't sleep either?? Zeta??

You too, Brutus?!!!

I don't know if you ever read the story of Julius Caesar assassination. For along time there were conflict between Caesar and Senate. Finally a group of senators plan to murder him. They made a false petition and called Caesar to read it.
When he started reading the fake petition, suddenly one of the traitors pulled down Caesar tunic and the other stabbed him in a neck. within the moments the entire group of traitors striking him out one by one. It is said that, there were 60 men in his assassination and Caesar was stabbed 23 times. Among those 60 men, there was one who called Brutus. Brutus was like a son to Caesar, he was highly trusted and accepted in Caesar's inner circle.
It says that when Brutus stabbed him in the back, Caesar turned back and looked at him in shock and said "You too, Brutus??"

For some reason, I just remember this story...