Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wishful Thoughts

News from here and there. He does this, she said that. That guy is not happy with his job, this girl wants to move to another city..He is complaining, and is pessimistic just like a Glum in Gulliver, she believes ...
My mind analyzing, analyzing, processing the information all the time.
I really don't want to hear all these, I can't help analyzing but I might be able to build a filter. then I can prevent some information to get in, in first place, so that I don't have to think or judge.
I'm tired, the grown up world is complicated. I want to keep my simple world forever.
When I am happy I'll show. When I am sad I'll show that too. If I'm concern I'll talk about it.
I want the real world be as simple as my childhood cartoons. there where bad people and good ones. Bad people always loose at the end , they tried hard to trap good people or make troubles for them but always good people was the winner.
I want the world be a fair place, those who deserve better achieve better and those who cheat and are not honest be caught red handed.
Is that too much to ask!!!


Deep Blue Sea said...

1} "Is that too much to ask ".Given our present situation,it probably is.I mean the world is just the opposite of what u ask for..

2} "Im Tired".Tired? U are married to a man u Love.Give that to me,and Iam willing to take a whole lot of nonsense the world has to offer.

3} Sorry about my stupid comment on your previous post :-)

Deep Blue Sea said...

Another thing that just occured to me.

Bad people?Who are these people? They arent genetically bad are they? I mean there are no special bad people genes.They are products of their environment.Probably they got cynical and they are just doing the "Survival of the fittest" thing.

P.S : I may have taken ur post more seriously than u meant.But the issue u raised is one tat does get me agitated..

Behdokht said...

Filter out the pessimistic ones from your life for a while and you'll be fine, I may seem harsh but they are not helping anyone including themselves by mentioning only dark side of the matters and interpreting things in gloomy ways.

Take care honey, kisses

Hiva said...


Thanks for the comments, I'm generally a positive person and that "I'm tired" phrase is not that serious. It's like I'm thinking load in my blog :)
I know bad and good is relative I know there is no black and white but gray, I know...I think exposing to some pessimistic people who keep complaining about their job, etc I feel a little gloomy. :))

That's a way to go, thanks honey