Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lazy Girl Repellent

I feel, a big fat lazy girl recently nested in my head, slowing me down. Any suggestion how to get rid of her? Maybe I should go for BUNGEE.


marjan said...

come to st.john's ,here in Christmas time ,the weather is fantastic and all city is full of happiness and excitement!:)),we can go to beach with our laptop and working on our thesis,what is your idea?!

Georg said...

Don't do this, Hiva. Bungee is a stupid activity like Russian roulette plus a rubber safety line.

Better relax for a while (not more than a week). If it persists, consult again.


Hiva said...

I think these are the symptoms of thesis writing you might share the same feeling as mine :))) this case I agree groupe therapy is the best we should sit together and finish the job :D

Don't worry I don't have a guts to do that. Not yet ;))

Behdokht said...

She's cute! ;D