Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bravo to Brave

We went to cinema to watch Brave last night. Before the movie started they showed this amazing short animation called "La Lunar". I loved it
Here you can watch part of it:

Good night

A Day Trip

This morning I called home to say hi to my mom. I usually call her up when I am driving to work. My baby sister, Helia answered the phone. The voice wasn't quite clear and I mistaken her with mom.

"Hi mom" I said.
"Hi child" My sister teased :)
"Oh Heli, is that are you doing? how's things? How was your day trip the other day"
Helia asked me if I have time because the day trip ended up quite adventurous. She told me all about it and I couldn't believe what I heard. At some point I started laughing and all day today every time I remember what happen I can't stop giggling. The story has kind of "due date", or "hangover" fast pace genre.
I wish I could ask Tod Phillips to Make a movie out of this :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quote of tonight

"Everybody makes a mistake , minimize it fix it and move on" :)
Fictional president of the United states , west wing tv series.

Monday, June 11, 2012

دالانهای تنگ و دالانهای گشاد

اینجا هستم و اینجا نیستم.
راه میروم..راه میروم تو پیچو خمهای بی‌ انتها و دالانهای تنگ و گشاد این ذهن. هزارو هزاران در..هزارو هزاران پیچ..تاریکو تاریکتر..روشنو روشنتر.
باز می‌کنم.
اولین در..باد کلفور می‌پیچه..من و پیراهن هوا رفته..من و جنگل ما..من و رودخونه باریک کم عمق..منو اسب جمشید..الاغه پیر..رخش..در و میبندم
درِ بعدی..نه این تلخه.
درِ بعدی..صورتم چسبیده به شاخه‌های تنومند گردو..مزه شیرین انجیرهای سفید تو گرمای شمال..منو لیزا..نه نه تلخ نشو..در و میبندم
باز می‌کنم صورت مهربون و آبشار ساواشیی.
باز می‌کنم عروسی‌، رقص..چهری پر اضطراب پدر..وکیلم؟؟ بله!
این اتاقها..این پیچو خمهای تو در تو، منم..گره‌هایی‌ هست که آرزو می‌کردم هیچوقت شکل نمیگرفت..طرحهأی هست که میخوامشون...بارها بیشتر
غم فیسلوفم می‌کنه و شادی ساده لوحم …
ساده‌لوح هانه فیلسوف شم نمی‌شه؟

Saturday, June 09, 2012

K'naan in Toronto

Last night it was Luminato's opening night. K'naan performed a free concert. Matt Galloway came to stage before K'naan for introduction. I looked around there were people from different origin, K'naan himself is originally from Somalia, his guitarist looked like a Latino guy, the guy behind the keyboard looked like an Asian guy. This what Toronto is about "Multiculturalism". This is what Nima and I both love about this place. We are open to new cultures, new foods, new dress, ...I love to get to know people with different background. I don't like to live in Canada but only goes to Iranian restaurants and only have Iranian friends, there is nothing wrong with this but not for me. I want more than that

Thursday, June 07, 2012


Abakhtar means north is the name of my dad's seasonal magazine. When he was here in October we were talking about how these days Internet is the main source of information. I encouraged him to make a website for Abakhtar to introduce it better, to find his own readers. He did it
Here is the link:
Here is his bio:
As a proud daughter the first thing I have done was to vote how the website is. Of course I voted really great :)
It's funny the options are:
Not too bad
Very good
Really great :):)

You noticed there is no really negative options available you kind of have to like my dady's website. Why not