Saturday, June 09, 2012

K'naan in Toronto

Last night it was Luminato's opening night. K'naan performed a free concert. Matt Galloway came to stage before K'naan for introduction. I looked around there were people from different origin, K'naan himself is originally from Somalia, his guitarist looked like a Latino guy, the guy behind the keyboard looked like an Asian guy. This what Toronto is about "Multiculturalism". This is what Nima and I both love about this place. We are open to new cultures, new foods, new dress, ...I love to get to know people with different background. I don't like to live in Canada but only goes to Iranian restaurants and only have Iranian friends, there is nothing wrong with this but not for me. I want more than that


Behi said...

Exactly my thoughts hivaie.

Hiva said...

And I want behis living closeby :)

Behi said...

Counting the days to see you guys! har vaght be in fekr mikonam ke miain inja ghand too delam ab mishe :)