Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have this strange head-lightness all day long today. It started yesterday morning, got better during a day and then came back again this morning. I feel slightly imbalance. It's not like I am going to pass out but something is not right.
Nima and I searched the web. There are list of potential reasons: dehydration, low blood pressure, ear problem or even eye problem. I started drinking lots of water, some tea, some sugar, honey, lime juice and salt none of these working on me today. I read on web that one of the reasons for this might be siting behind the computer for long hours. well I do sit behind my computer at least 8 hours a day and to be honest if that's a case I don't know how can  I stop my dizziness then. That's my life, I am an analyst!! get used to it body :)
Anyway I am going to see a doctor tomorrow and will update this post. Since I found  so many people with the same symptoms as mine on the web this post might be helpful to them.

This is an update: apparently for my case in was related to ear. Dr said it's nothing important and would be gone in few days. I am  back to normal after 6 days. I am a cat with her whiskers again :D

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Learning to Walk

Today Nima and I took our first class for ice skating. With shaky legs and small steps we were like kids trying their first steps. Before our class started the ice was full of children witthin the age of 4 to 7. They were skating like they born to do so. Our friend was joking that we are 20 years late. But late is better than never.
I want to be positive. instead of keep nagging about the cold weather I want to make the best out of it. Living in Canada necessitates doing winter activities. Learning Hockey is next on our list :).