Thursday, January 07, 2010

Learning to Walk

Today Nima and I took our first class for ice skating. With shaky legs and small steps we were like kids trying their first steps. Before our class started the ice was full of children witthin the age of 4 to 7. They were skating like they born to do so. Our friend was joking that we are 20 years late. But late is better than never.
I want to be positive. instead of keep nagging about the cold weather I want to make the best out of it. Living in Canada necessitates doing winter activities. Learning Hockey is next on our list :).


marjan said...

ey val ,afarin,khosh be haletoon:))
yashvigh az raah door

mohammad said...

hi dear hiva
the best
first step
late better than never
my ferst step
to write here in 2010

wisht you the best

Behi said...

Someone told me recently that his father started to learn ice skating when he was 45 and now he does that just like ppl who's been doing it since they were 5 years old. AS they say it's like riding bicycle. At first we all are aware of all the moves we make while riding and after awhile it goes on smoothly with no need of moment by moment's control. And go zigzag not straight :). I wish we could take the lessons together like our swimming course :D Kisses.

Hiva said...

Baba :))

your first comment here, Thanks
khubo khosh bashid :D


I wish the same things,kissssess

محمد درویش said...

درود بر شما ... شرمنده می کنید. امیدوارم به آرزوتون برسید و روزی بتوانید با فراغ بال ایران عزیز را بگردید.

Georg said...

You have the right spirit, Hiva. But take something to cushion falls. Ice is not only cold but hard, too.


Tazeen said...

Sounds like a lot of fun

Hiva said...

Hi George,
The very first things she told us was how to fall, fortunately I haven't fallen yet. ;)

It's is fun, right now we are too much focused on being stable but when you learn how to glide it's really fun :d