Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Norooz, Happy Spring

After revolution in Iran many pop Iranian singers left the country. Many of them got together in LA and continued their singing despite all difficulties. Many of us inside Iran made parties, celebrated our Norooz, weddings, and birthdays with their songs illegally imported to Iran. This is one of the song that some of the famous Iranian pop singers got together and sang for spring in LA. I wish one day my people could freely get together in street of Iran, sing, dance and celebrate Norooz the way they like.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello Thirthies

I am 29 years, 11 months and 20 days old which means I'll be thirty years old in just few days. I don't feel like it. Honestly, inside I am probably 15 years old.
I finished my twenties, god that was fast. That chapter of my life is closed. So many things happened in that chapter, starting and finishing my studies, coming to Canada, and getting married are the big ones.
I lost, I gained.. My dearest grandma passed away and my dearest niece was born.
I learned what "future is now" means. If you plan to do something or learn new stuff just do it right away don't say one day. Because it can happen that after 10 years you realize you haven't started it yet.
I confess that last few months it came to my mind a lot "turning to thirty". It's like I held number '2' with my hands not turn into '3'. I know it's not a big deal. Life is life like it or not the blue planet spinning fast dancing around the sun and no body can stop the time.
Spring is coming, so does Norooz . Happy spring everybody, Happy Norooz :)

P.S the picture above is me around 2 years old. I loved my dummy.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's a Two-Way Street My Lady

I read an article in Globe and Mail today about a Muslim woman who has recently immigrated to Quebec (Canada). She attended a french class with a black all-covering garment and a veil (niqab) on her face.

"The class was designed to encourage open conversation among immigrant students"

" She gave presentations from the rear of the classroom with her back to the class, which counted three men among 20 students. She even one day asked male students to move away from her. For one-on-one exercises, the woman would retreat to a corner with her female instructor"

Apparently after one term the instructor changed and there was a male teacher this time. Students sat around a U-shaped table and the teacher wanted to see everybody mouth to make sure they are pronouncicng the word correctly.

The Muslim woman of our story became so irritated, quite the French class and has launched a human-rights complaint against the province!!!!

It is so obvious that she was absolutely uncomfortable in that class who has only three male students, she was extremely irritated when a teacher asked her to show her mouth so that he can help her to improve her pronunciation. I don't understand why someone like her would wish to live in Quebec in first place. She is from Eygept (according to the newspaper) and as far as I know Egypt is a nice country with decent economy situation no war. Isn't she more comfortable to stay where she can freely wear her niqab and not be annoyed by the presence of male classmate?

What bothering me is that why on earth some one like her thinks it's OK to immigrate to a new country and expect, that country totally bend to her satisfaction but she can just stay as rigid as she likes.NO IT'S A TWO-WAY STREET PEOPLE. I think that male students have a right to complaint about her because she treated them like they have fatal contagious diseases or something. That must be embarrassing for them when she told them to get away from her. what the hell she thought they might do to her? practicing french? oh that's bad. It's ok for her to insult others because of her "beliefs" but it's an unforgivable act if her teacher ask her to uncover her mouth so that he can correct her. Have some tolerance for god sake!

These stuff really irritates me. Because I think someone like her considers all of those who are not Muslims or even those who are moderate/normal Muslims as  infidels. I can't be sure that someone like her would be tolerant toward others who are tolerant toward her.

Wake up for god sake, if your beliefs makes you hate other human beings because they are not like you, you are screwed you got it all wrong. Your practice is supposed to make you a better person, someone who loves and spreads kindness not some one who easily filled with hate. Your religion is a tool to help you to reach to your goals it's not a goal itself.
The pic is from here.

P.S There was an update to the story of this Egyptian lady at the French class. She was upset with  all this publicity and apparently the article didn't said the whole story and it was intentionally written in a way to show  her as a freak fundamentalist. I am sure she is like any other woman, a mom of three who wants to interact. I know just a piece of black garment don't make her less human. I think we need to interact much more than this to stop judging each other.