Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello Thirthies

I am 29 years, 11 months and 20 days old which means I'll be thirty years old in just few days. I don't feel like it. Honestly, inside I am probably 15 years old.
I finished my twenties, god that was fast. That chapter of my life is closed. So many things happened in that chapter, starting and finishing my studies, coming to Canada, and getting married are the big ones.
I lost, I gained.. My dearest grandma passed away and my dearest niece was born.
I learned what "future is now" means. If you plan to do something or learn new stuff just do it right away don't say one day. Because it can happen that after 10 years you realize you haven't started it yet.
I confess that last few months it came to my mind a lot "turning to thirty". It's like I held number '2' with my hands not turn into '3'. I know it's not a big deal. Life is life like it or not the blue planet spinning fast dancing around the sun and no body can stop the time.
Spring is coming, so does Norooz . Happy spring everybody, Happy Norooz :)

P.S the picture above is me around 2 years old. I loved my dummy.


Behi said...

Welcome to the club! :) As long as you keep space for the little hiva to live with your grown-up version or get united together you'll enjoy this coming 3, va in ast shoare ma dobare ke: "The best is yet to come" ;) :)

Hiva said...

Merci Behi joonam

Aida said...

Happy Birthday Hiva.
Best wishes for your thirties.

Hiva said...

Thanks Aida joon

Deep Blue Sea said...

Hi Hiva. Your photos in this blog of ur childhood are so cool and nostalgic. Especially because they are just natural rather than posing for the camera. I wonder who grabbed those stills . You give impression of a person so quietly confident of herself .Also there is lot of wisdom in your eyes for a little kid.

Wow , 30's . Must feel nice of all u have accomplished..

Hiva said...

DBS :d
Thanks buddy, my dad took most of these photos. It was one of his passions.
Wisdom in the eyes and dummy in the mouth :D