Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Enjoy Every Sandwish

Sitting in a cozy coffeehouse, Nima and I were enjoying our coffee and a small mocha pastry this evening. Sipping from the Parisian Bowl I felt so happy. Forgetting about small and big problems, forgetting about my fears, forgetting about missing him and her, I am happy. Life is sweet just like this little piece of pastry, life is deep like this bowl, life is bitter like my coffee but as far as you are breathing just enjoy that moment. Enjoy every SANDWICH...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Charshanbe Soory

I am 14. With my younger sister and cousins we are gathering wood pieces to make 7 bonfires. Any tree branch would do.We are going to have family get together tonight at my grandpa place. The weather is so nice, winter is over and I can see little beautiful plum blossoms on the trees. Lisa and palang (two lovely guard dogs) are following us every where. I can feel excitement inside myself makes me shiver. Always last few days of the year makes me feel so fresh and happy. I can feel the nature is coming back to life. It's like I am one of those trees in my grandpa garden blooming.

It's getting dark, fireflies are dancing in the air. Their winking lights makes our surrounding dreamy.
7 bonfires are ready, we bring some oil and waiting for my grandpa, parents, aunts and uncles to join us.  Gradually everybody are coming: "Happy chaharshanbe soori".."Happy Norooz"..kissing and hugging.

My dad starts firing the piles of wood one after another. "Ok let go" My dad announced. We line up and start jumping while whispering  "zardi man az to, sorkhie to az man"  which means my sickly yellow paleness is yours, your fiery red color is mine.  After celebrating charshanbe soori we all get together in my grandpa place for a delicious meal. Laughing, making jokes, having fun was our way to welcome spring.

I am 31 now, well almost. Having crazy March, this is my way to celebrate this beautiful ancient feast. But I am promising to myself next year I will do this not just blogging about it. Next year I promise


P.S Picture from here and here

Sunday, March 13, 2011


How would you feel if you invite some guests and then one of them who are not as welcome as the others, act like the host, put food on everybody's plate like they are his guests. Chatting with your guests like he invited them in first place and at the end ask you: "oh by the way are you hungry? do you want me to put some food in your plate? Come on don't be shy do you want to join our party?"
How would you feel?What would you do with this person?

P.S.pic i from here

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today was my dad's birthday. For a long time I was thinking to do something for him as a gift, making a website for him and his magazine, adding his bio to wikipedia..I had a big plan in my head. I said to myself I would build a website for him and let people to subscribe to his magazine on-line. I would do this and that..I planned all these for his previous birthday and I never had time to do it. Our life is such a rush rush thing that making a quick call for his birthday is the best I can do.
Today a colleague of mine treat a few of us for a lunch as his goodbye lunch. He is returning back to his country for good. He was saying after 14 years living in North  America I am tired of this fast pace life. Life is so stressful here, he said. I can't agree more.
There was this lady came to our office today for safety meeting. She was from UK. One of the first thing she mentioned was about food being tasteless. She said she didn't have a good Coffey in two weeks. I simply believed her.
I wish black coup would have never happened and the democratically elected government of Persia would have succeeded to grow. How would be Persia looked like. Who knows maybe there is a parallel universe in which Mossadegh never been imprisoned and died under house arrest.

In that universe dad, Hiva is buying you a thoughtful gift. Something better than overpriced bunch of roses that I ordered on-line last year. which wasn't even fresh. I would hug you tight and kiss you allover your face.I'll be there to order a cake to take pictures and help mom through you a surprise party. Where are you WALTER?

Monday, March 07, 2011

Everyday There is a New Fruit in This Garden

I never understand how things work..sometimes for a long time nothing is happening except the routin and you get bored. And some times everythings happening all together..March is our new year which I usually like to take some time, cleaning the house...planing a little party..things like that
But this March specifically is also my thesis defense and believe it or not exactly a day after is my citizenship exam..I also have two deadlines for two paper to submit..I need a day be 48 hours to get my things done..wish me luck
P.S. The title of the post is a translation for a Persian saying which implies that every day something new is happening to deal with