Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today was my dad's birthday. For a long time I was thinking to do something for him as a gift, making a website for him and his magazine, adding his bio to wikipedia..I had a big plan in my head. I said to myself I would build a website for him and let people to subscribe to his magazine on-line. I would do this and that..I planned all these for his previous birthday and I never had time to do it. Our life is such a rush rush thing that making a quick call for his birthday is the best I can do.
Today a colleague of mine treat a few of us for a lunch as his goodbye lunch. He is returning back to his country for good. He was saying after 14 years living in North  America I am tired of this fast pace life. Life is so stressful here, he said. I can't agree more.
There was this lady came to our office today for safety meeting. She was from UK. One of the first thing she mentioned was about food being tasteless. She said she didn't have a good Coffey in two weeks. I simply believed her.
I wish black coup would have never happened and the democratically elected government of Persia would have succeeded to grow. How would be Persia looked like. Who knows maybe there is a parallel universe in which Mossadegh never been imprisoned and died under house arrest.

In that universe dad, Hiva is buying you a thoughtful gift. Something better than overpriced bunch of roses that I ordered on-line last year. which wasn't even fresh. I would hug you tight and kiss you allover your face.I'll be there to order a cake to take pictures and help mom through you a surprise party. Where are you WALTER?


Behi said...

Love you

Hiva said...

me more