Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The story of dining table :)

I am waiting for delivery guys to bring us our dining table finally. Because of the petite size of our dining hall it took us a long time to find a proper table. I hope this time they bring us the right one.
Two weeks ago Nima and I found a small furniture shop. we found a petite size dining table in their catalog that we liked and we bought. One week later they bring us a table with the same size and colour but different style. Nima called them and the manager told him, the manufacturer didn't produce that kind of table any more. he told us the table he sent us was very similar to the one we liked why we didn't keep it.
we checked the recite, he had written the name of the table we liked but the number of the table he sent. He probably knew at first place that the table wasn't produced anymore. he though maybe we didn't recognize the difference or maybe we liked the other one two. I don't what he though but I got a bit angry. I was nagging to Nima about how that man dare to make a decision for us etc
We back to his shop again and look at several other catalog and finally found the other one with good size and look.
Today I am waiting for them to come and bring back the wrong one and deliver the right one.
I hope everything be fine this time..


Behi said...

I know what it's like and it's kind of annoying.
We had the same experience here but with the plates we ordered when we first got here in Tripoli. We had chosen the pattern that we liked then they delivered another kind of pattern, not even close to the one we wanted,telling us they sold the one we had ordered to another customer by mistake and were out of that kind of pattern. Finding another store was enough frustrating here that we forgot returning them and just adopted them:))).

Hiva said...