Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lab or Kitchen

Check out this website and tell me what you think the website is for by first glance!
Hmm..It must be an educational website, maybe relates to a publisher or something...or maybe it's a university's website..No it's closer to be a website of a publisher or a writer with those list of publications..

But you know what, it's a restaurant's website. Do you believe this??!!
The restaurant is called ElBulli. Just look at its long list of prizes including four times "best resturant of the world" recognition. It is located in spain and had one of the most famouse chef of the world: Ferran Adrià.

Now just let me list some of the amazing facts about the resturant (from wikipedia):
The restaurant has a limited season from April to September; bookings are taken on a single day the previous October" did you get that on a single day!!!!

"It accommodates only 8,000 diners a season, and gets more than two million requests"

It has been described as "the most imaginative generator of haute cuisine on the planet" and does a great deal of work on molecular gastronomy." Molecular gastronomy is the application of science to culinary practices and cooking phenomena

Ferran Adrià is a controversial figure among other chefs. He is a scientist if you ask me. He actually invents the recipes by trying more than 3000 formula to end up to 300 acceptable recipes with great and new taste.

"he closes El Bulli for six months every year in order to travel abroad, in search of new inspiration and ideas with which to astonish his diners. Adrià, who has been called “the Salvador Dali of the kitchen,” has won global acclaim as one of the most creative and inventive culinary geniuses in the world."
Going to his restaurant could be once in a life time experience.


Behi said...

Did I tell you sometimes he comes to my kitchen just to get some new ideas for his new recipes? If so don't tell ANYBODY! ;)

Very interesting piece of information Hivaie, we should go there some day all together ;) :).

Georg said...

Bonjour Hiva,

At first look, I thought to look at two yokes of eggs. Then, looking again, I seemed to see some fruit.

All this points to eating, eating eating.

The molecular cook is well known, even here in France. Nevertheless, I prefer normal fare.

El Bulli is catering for rich idlers who are at their wits end what to do next.

Bon appétit, Hiva