Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Entry for April

These days everything are kind of quite. Nima and I enjoying spring and cant wait for summer. I like my new work place, what I am doing, my colleagues, all.   I am 32 now, no kids and have no plan for a one. My parents never push us for a grandchild but recently my dad started asking about it :). He is so funny when trying to ask but not to push. It's a big deal raising a child and I don't see that in myself. I don't want to have a baby just for the sake of not being alone when I am getting older. Well I guess I will feel like it when it's about time hopefully before it's too late.


Behdokht said...

hivaie, happy new nice work environment then! :)
In the lab I work, I'm the only one who is married and doesn't have any kids, all the married ones have one or two. Every now and then they ask, sometimes they try to convince me, I hope they give up and soon! :))

Hiva said...

Bacheye to va behrouz che khordani besheee