Friday, November 14, 2008

Little Taste of Heaven

Feijoa, Did you ever heard of this name? Do you no what this is? If not, I'm telling you.. you are missing the taste of one of the most delicious fruits on earth. Just go and find it trust me!

Well as far as I remember, there were several Feijoa trees (different types) in our garden (My parents' actually). One of my uncle was an agriculture engineer, I guess he was the one who first introduced the tree to my parents. Every Autumn, gorgeous perfumed flowers cover allover the trees' body. Even the flowers are quite delicious. Feijoa is a stunning aromatic green fruit. You can eat it with skin or cut it in half and eat the inside, so juicy. I love it any way, with or without skin. My mom used to make jam out of it, even the jam is awesome. I am amazed how come such gorgeous delicious fruit is not as famous as it deserves.It seems the fruit originated from Brazil.

During years I got used to my friends' puzzled faces, when I ask them if they taste Feijoa!

"What ? Fuji? Fiji? is that a fruit? " back in school , in university here in Canada, no one heard the name of this fruit. I bet "star fruit" is more famous even so it dose not have even half of Feijoa's taste and smell.

In Canada I found Feijoa in Sobeye's gracory store. you should have been there to see my face.

"Feijoa, yes yes finally!!!"

I remember the look on cashier's face. A young boy looked at the Feijoas and said: what are these???!!!!!"

I guess it's Autumn and my desire for Feijoa showing up again, I need to find some :))))

The gorgeous pictures are from here and here.


Anonymous said...

how come you write so beautifully? Unlike most iranians who are blogging in English, you write smoothly and very nice.
Have you been in Canada for a long time?

Georg said...

Bonjour Hiva,

This superfruit does certainly not grow here in Central France, same for Canada, I suppose.

But there are stores specializing in tropical fruit: I'll try.

However, being from a cold country (Germany) I prefer home grown fruit, like apples, plums, cherries. My wife who is French, prefers fruit from hotter areas.

Thus I suppose your tastes could well be influenced by the fruit you ate during childhood in the area where one is born.

What do you think about that??


Hiva said...

I agree, I guess it's all the memory and sweetness of my childhood that makes this fruit special for me :)


Thanks, that's very nice of you, well I am living here for almost three and half year, not that long ;)

Ahmad said...

Hi Hiva
I have been reading your weblog for a couple 2 month and enjoy it.

my name is Ahmad from Isfahan.

Hope U are all well.

Hiva said...

Hi Ahmad,
Happy you enjoyed it, take care