Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Little Girls with Big Ideas

Did you ever have a teacher back in school that had a positive influence on you; motivated you or gave you inspiration to do something or to be someone?
There were some teachers at different stages of my life, back in elementary school, high school or even university, who kind of motivated me in my life story.
One of these teachers was my lab teacher. He was a kind knowledgeable man, who always tried to inspire us to think about bigger things. Things out of our ordinary school book. Well I remember, I was 12 years old, and one day he came to class and said:

“Ok girls I believe you are special and you have special talents, you can do anything you want if you think right. I want you to form a group of two or three students and come up with the new idea for your term project. The idea could be anything there is no boundary, no limitation.”

All the class was so excited; talking about different ideas that came to their mind right away. I remember I was cheerfully explaining my idea to a friend that I wanted to make a robotic leg that could walk :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) the good thing about him was that he never laughed at us, he never said well, guys before making a robot you need to know a little more. He was 100% positive that we can do anything…
Well what happened at the end of the term was that, gradually I understood I had no idea what I was talking about and then we decided to make something easier. Well we made machine that could move. How? Do not laugh…

We got 4 wheels out of a toy truck and connected them to a light orange plastic plane. And we attached one magnet to the plane. To make it move we had another magnet in hand so by using the power of magnetic field we made the truck to go forward or back ward. We approach the attached magnet and depends on that we approached with the same pole or different pole, two magnets attracted or repelled each other and that was how the wheels moved.
Very sophisticated comparing with “LEGS THAT CAN WALK” :) :) :)


Somi said...

I can taste your feeling of making new legs. Teaching is the job of prophets and a good teacher is a character of your deep mind forever.

Nasim fekrat said...

i like it "Very sophisticated comparing with “LEGS THAT CAN WALK” "

nice to hear from you always, how is school and subjects? Are they deal with you nicely?

Hiva said...

Nasim jan
about the school, let me put it this way "gahi posht be zino , gahi zin be posht " :))))