Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tasting a little of classical Favourite

Nima and I with couple of friends went to the Nutcracker Ballet here in Mississauga. It was my first time watching a live ballet. I really liked the show. of course the music was fantastic, and also the dancers did a nice job. I wonder how these people manage to stand on the very tip of their toes. How light you should be? the dance was really smooth and in harmoney with the music.

One good thing about Toronto is that there are always something going on in here. several concerts, operas, theaters, etc. Last November there was a concert conducted by Toronto Symphoney Orchestra, called "Classical Favourites". They conducted selections of The Four Seasons, Scheherazade (Part 4), and Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. It was the first time for me listening to Scheherazade. God, The music was unblivebaley beautiful. The conducter explained for us how different instruments, act as something. for example how violines used at the time that sherhrezad talked, or at the time that the weather is raining.
I just loved it...

World would be quite boring place without artists.


Behi said...

That's absolutely right, art gives soul to many many things in life. Good to know you guys had fun :),

Many kisses

Afghan Citizen said...

Nice Blog.